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  1. The RSPCA can't prosecute, they're a charity with no official powers. Basically they couldn't care less about Mink as they get them no publicity and therefore no income. Mink are non indigenous species which as you state are killing machines and are decimating our native species. There are also many other non indigenous species causing havoc to the natural balance. Due to the actions of the few misguided soles working under the animal/bird protection and running hate campaigns against anyone taking action you rarely hear about these species. I'm sorry for your daughter, it's not anything I would like to find. A pet, any pet is part of the family and doesn't deserve that. I hope she gets over it soon.
  2. Didn't Charlie Peace come from Darnal near the rolling mills? I remember him being in a comic in the 50s/60s
  3. Can anyone reccomend someone to supply and cut to size either 3mm or 5mm plywood. Delivered if possible? Thanks
  4. Thanks I know where you mean now. Must have missed that. Nice views from there, it would be a nice place to end up. If I was to be buried, i couldn't want for a nicer area. No sarcasm or anything else intended.
  5. It's bad enough that Lidl are going ahead, but what's happening to the burial ground on High Rigs. I presume you mean the Quaker burial ground as its known.
  6. What a terrific thread, I've just found. Memories of my past and my families past. Thank you.
  7. The dogs follow the scent, the horses follow the dogs.
  8. I thought "unadopted" meant the highways were not responsible for the upkeep and only that. Unless I'm wrong, its normally a temporary thing while new estates are under construction and then the highways "adopt" them. Occasionally they remain unadopted for years due to disputes between construction companies and the highways agency. Parking would be a different matter. If unadopted I would presume the normal highways parking laws could not be enforced. Therefore a resident could request you not to park for a multitude of reasons, especially if they are paying for its upkeep. Normal trespass law would be enforced. Private roads are just that, private, and would probably be covered by trespass law. The only private roads I'm aware of that don't permit public access are normally gated and the highways agency have no responsibility for them. Of course that's just my opinion and maybe wrong.
  9. I thought it was so the overpaid prima donna ballerinas that pose as footballers for all clubs don't get their tootsies cold.
  10. CCTV is a wondrous thing. Our local courier parked across my drive in his blue astra and my daughter opened the door to receive the parcel, as he walked past she asked him is that for Number **. No he said Number * and returned to his car and drove off. Around an hour later, same blue astra, parked in same place and threw a large parcel over the high fence of the old gent diagonally opposite. I had a text and email to say my parcel had been delivered and signed for. I emailed back to complain as the phone number was constantly busy. Around 3pm, I saw the courier again on the CCTV but before I could get to him he drove off. Same blue astra. I managed to get the call centre (premium rate) and complained, I kept getting told as I had signed for the parcel there was nothing they could do. Eventually I was put through to an English speaking supervisor and advised him I have CCTV, in colour with sound and can prove without any reasonable doubt everything I had said. At this point I'd been on the phone 2 hours 20 minutes. The door bell rang and the courier pushed a wet soggy parcel in my hand and said Here are you satisfied now. Returned to his blue astra and drove off. Again all on CCTV with sound. I asked the guy on the phone did he hear that and he hung up. Unfortunately we now have another parcel missing, when my wife managed to get through, she has been told it was delivered and signed for last Saturday (14th Dec) and a GPS signal recorded its last location, which just happens to be the other side of the road. My wife was in all day. Well, back to CCTV, nothing........but we do notice the courier now parks out of CCTV range. So my best guess is he is a thief at the very least and has signed for and stolen our parcel. Today we chase up the retailer as all this has been explained and the CCTV footage offered.
  11. More houses, more people, more congestion. Malin bridge is already a choke point and now you want to add more for a profit at a loss of green space. Objected and filled in your form.
  12. You may borrow ours if it's to help Father Christmas. I'm afraid you will have to collect and return as I'm unable to.
  13. No not at all. Merely stating the truth as I observed at first hand. I'm now retired, but honestly you'll not convince me its changed unless I hear it from several sources. I could also tell you that the RDC at Lidl Donny, is so far from being the worst. But it's not a pick on Lidl or the staff, far from it. Lidl Donny is bright fresh and clean with facilities for visiting drivers. There are RDCs in this country that can keep drivers waiting over 24hrs with no facilities, which is why they stink(literally). Some are also over run with vermin. Lidl is not. All are understaffed, all have problems, many self inflicted. My point is, these big RDCs can't run to time as they are grossly understaffed. Lorries have to run to the best the RDC can manage on the day. This is country wide. It doesn't matter who wants to build a supermarket to me. It's the increase in traffic in and around the area I object to. Malin bridge and Hillsborough are simply not big enough to cope. My apologies if you think I was making a personal attack on your partner. I was trying to point out some reasons that vehicles can't run to time and that others may not be aware of.
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