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  1. My grandparents lived on Arcubus Avenue I think from the 60's to 90's (Palfreyman)
  2. My Grandmother worked there in the 60's and 70's - Ruby O'Grady
  3. Lived in Handsworth on Haigh Moor estate but I moved to Australia in 1973, and I haven't seen him since 1977. He would be about 55 now. I have seen "ads" for "Harthill Soft Furnishings" but not certain it's him, and they could be old ads. Just wondering if he is still around.
  4. Lived in Handsworth until 1973, first on Haigh Moor estate, then on Retford Rd. Then moved to Australia when I was 10. Went to Athelstan Junior school. Main friends were John Harthill, Philip Gilbert and Carol Smith
  5. Hi. Just joined. I left Athelstan mid 1973 - I believe it is still there, but I cannot locate a website? I am overseas now, and searching for school photos - I did manage to contact them about 10 years ago but they didn't seem to have much, which seems odd. Regards Mike Palfreyman
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