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  1. I went to High Storrs School from 1958 - 1960. At that time I used to catch the bus on Petre st just around the corner from Botham St. I remember that if I caught one bus I would have to get off at Pond St, but if I caught the other one it would take me right to High Storrs. Obviously the routes have been changed since then.
  2. I met my husband Trevor in the Canon Hall in1963. Spent many happy nights in there watching the bands. Some of my favourites were Mike Shane and the Chevrolets and Vic Lynch and the Cortinas.
  3. Seems as if you were a year ahead of me. I left in 1958. My teachers were Miss Hanson, Miss Heaney, Mr Mason and Mr Ambler. Then I went to High Storrs.
  4. I think there was a pet shop there at one time. How's that for a coincidence? Trev and I were only talking about those shops the other day. The post office was on Carlisle Rd, can't remember exactly where but think it was in the the first block of shops. I was trying to remember all the shops, can still remember quite a few but not all.
  5. Thanks Sheila. We are both well. Don't know that I can do anything about Trev insulting you on Facebook - you love it anyway and you can give as good as you get.
  6. Went to Sutherland Rd. Baths and to Little Wembley so much. Many happy memories. I remember going to a shop somewhee on a corner opposite the baths and buying a penny breadcake or broken biscuits when we had been swimming. Do you have any photos of Ellesmere youth club Dave?
  7. Sure will. It was only 10 degs centigrade this morning, it felt a bit chilly. Warmed up this arvo though ---------- Post added 15-05-2013 at 16:23 ---------- Glad you put that photo on - Trev couldn't remember that building when we spoke about the area - now he can see it for himself. Eileen looks very cute. ---------- Post added 15-05-2013 at 16:26 ---------- Yep! I can see the similarity.
  8. Haven't been on here for ages. Good to see that it's getting busy again.
  9. My dad, Wilfred Turner (Wilf to most people) worked at Sandersons from being a boy. He was a saw grinder. He was quite seriously injured when a grinding wheel broke and hit him. He ended up having a kidney removed which was a very serious operation in about 1950. The one thing that they didn't have in those days were good workers compensation schemes, Sandersons gave my mother a job etching until he could return to work. I went to a nursery school close by and can clearly remember being taken into the factory to see my mum. One of the ladies that she worked with painted my nails with purple fluid to make me look as if I had nail polish on! Goodness knows what was in it - probably something toxic. My dad died in 1957 and all I can remember of the people that worked there is that his best friend was a man called Brightmore.
  10. Just reading through old posts and wondered what you are doing with yourself these days Janie-M.
  11. Loved the band. Always went to see them if we knew that they were on. They gave us a lift in the back of the van one night as I lived in Grimesthorpe and Roy and his wife were living on Whiteways at the time.
  12. Well it was very unusual. ---------- Post added 19-02-2013 at 11:28 ---------- It could have been Carwood - not sure. Shame you lose contact with Pauline as you were such good mates.
  13. I can only remember the Price twins, Kathleen and Janet. They had red hair,they live in the yard opposite us but they were a bit younger than me. Come to think of it there were a few red heads around there eh?
  14. My name is Doreen Turner, I think that you might have already been in touch with my husband, Trevor Powell known as Skippy on the Forum. I knew Barbara Stevenson well, I think that she married a lad called Roger Jones. They still lived in the area and I used to see her until we came to Oz in 1970. Still in touch with my friend Lynne Goodison - she used to go to the youth club too. Don't remember a girl called Rossy Lamb though. ---------- Post added 17-02-2013 at 10:04 ---------- True. Five years seemed like an awful lot when we were young.
  15. Can't say that I remember the names but if they were a bit older than me that's not surprising. Botham St. was a pretty long street and I lived almost at the bottom at number nine. I am still in touch with some old friends that I caught up with on the thread "Anyone Come From Grimesthorpe" here on Sheffield Forum. I was born in 1946. I have a friend who's sister worked at Dewires. I will try and contact her and see if she remembers Linda Gill.
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