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  1. In response to the picket lines you went through with your dad yes that was all political all the time Hatfield workers were told to protest by Mr Tiny Rowlands ( the purchaser )against closer he was planning to sell the land when he got it for the Meadow Hall complex .
  2. Hi Ray Yes think he mentioned being at Johns funeral the big lads on the stoppers big Jim Clarke & Alex , Henry Casson his son was killed in the melting shop if you remember , some names for you to think about Micky Mason Dennis Allen , Jeff Hunt , Lenny Dawson ,Dave is nickname was Bomber blonde hair lad ,Peter sweeting , Keith Morman , if you like me takes days before the penny drops .
  3. Hi Ray John Cartilage worked on the pits in the melting shop with us married into the Casson family knocked about with Fred Burgin if you remember .
  4. Hi Ray yes he did ,he remarried before going down south , can you remember a john cartilage one of the lads bumped into him this Sat ! by chance alter all those years small world .
  5. Hi Ray my brother John did not search for any jobs e t c when Hatfields closed and has never taken a full time job ever since moved down to south coast we send cards to each other and that`s about it .
  6. Well at least you found work did Steve continue to work for them? or did everybody do there own thing I often think how did everybody get on , I can remember bumping into Ron Hall the melting shop manager he purchased a little shop but that`s wot he always said he would do .
  7. Some catch up Ray when I finished on the Hatfield`s shut down I went self employed purchased a little business to keep me going sold that after a while but kept myself self employed industrial painting then after that took a Class 1 H G V which I did for a number of years until I started a small business again about 15 years ago , semi retired now .
  8. Hi Ray I am afraid we are all getting on in life a bit now keep going mate and if we can work it out somehow I will get over to see you both .
  9. Keeping fine myself our John moved down south he`s ok but don't get to see him much , I live in Chesterfield now , sad to here that John passed away and Harry . I was in my garage this morning polishing my car and I little light come on in my head Sooty yes got him now, well good to be in touch again after all these years is Steve keeping ok ? if we can get together some time for chat that would be good keep in touch .
  10. Bloody hell Sooty yes the penny dropped today how are you ? I could remember the name but not picture you , are you still living around the area .
  11. Yes I can remember Ron now, have you managed to keep contact with some of the old guys ?
  12. Can remember Claud yes he worked on the casting side , have both John and Harry passed away ? not to sure on Ron ILey will have a think on that one , you must have driven in the melting shop then to know the names did you work on that same casting crane on R furnace ?.
  13. Yes John Davis was a crane driver remember now think he had a brother who was a crane drive too and yes my brother was called John and we both worked in the melting shop in the pits and I can now remember Tosh /Loftus Friday night clubbing and all, think John Davis was a big sheff Weds fan spotted his picture on here just by chance .
  14. Hi Yes I attended Pipworth road School lived and grew up on the Manor estate , photos sorry no , teachers names Mr Jackson ( woodwork ) Mr Sanderson ( History & Sports ) Mrs Jaguars ( Sport & Art ) Headteacher Mr Lamb .
  15. I worked in the melting shop at Hatfields Attercliffe 1970 until it closed down any old mates out there , noticed a pic of a John Davis taken with his sister Susan on here , think he worked with me .
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