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  1. We are devastated. Please spread this news far and wide. We are tired of the attacks on our animal centre based at Attercliffe, Stadium Way. Last night at about 9.40pm 12 July Friday the Sheffield Animal Centre was broken into and our Luton Van was stolen by two disgusting people. Our first priority was to check all the animals in our care - luckily they are all OK. These two young men stole our Luton Van, which we use to collect donations, and move medical and animal supplies across Sheffield. This means we have no way of doing that any more. They have rammed and buckled our big metal gates which will cost £1000's of pounds to replace- literally. We are so sad and angry about this. We need this van back- DESPERATELY. If not we will need to raise funds to get a new one, we are an independent local charity that has to raise its own running costs. Do you know these men? Have you seen our van? If so please report this to the Police! In the meantime can you or do you know anyone who can loan us a van? Can you help get donations to our shops or from people’s houses? Or maybe you have the skills to help us figure out how to make the site more secure at as low a cost as possible. Sheffield - we need the City to help - ultimately the ones that will suffer are the animals, even if we get some insurance cover - any excess, loss in donation stock etc diverts cash from the animals. We want the van back, it might be old and a bit battered but it did the job and we had just paid it through it’s MOT. Finally - to the people who stole our van, and wrecked our gates...Sheffield is on the look out for you! If you want to see the CCTV please look at RSPCA Sheffield on Facebook and like our page to get updates. https://www.facebook.com/rspcasheffield/ It’s also online with the Sheffield Star. UPDATE FROM YOUR FRIENDS AT THE SHEFFIELD ANIMAL CENTRE - NO JOY YET FOLKS - VAN REG WAS ML58XSJ - IT MAY HAVE CHANGED ITS A WHITE LUTON VAN WITH TAIL LIFT - STICKERS ‘WERE‘ ON THE SIDE OF THE VAN SAYING RSPCA AND ANIMALS PICS. IN THE BACK OF THE VAN WERE NEW ANIMAL BEDS, TOYS, LEADS, AND FOOD. ARE THESE FOR SALE NEAR YOU? HAVE YOU SEEN THE VAN? DO YOU RECOGNISE THE YOUNG MEN IN THE PICS. IF YOU DO PLEASE CALL 101 POLICE CRIME REFERENCE NUMBER 14/106482/19 C’MON SHEFFIELD - ON BEHALF OF ALL SHEFFIELD ANIMALS - WE ARE BARKING ANGRY! PLEASE KEEP SPREADING THE WORD! THANK YOU
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