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  1. What is wrong with you? Death by COVID-19 is not normal. So just stop trying to describe as so. Every single death by COVID-19 is unnecessary and we should be trying everything we can to minimise it.
  2. The FT has just reported that the cost by the UK government far outstrips other EU countries in supporting the economy with the measures announced. We are spending 0.225 per cent of annual GDP per week. That's £6bn! To give you some context, the annual NHS bill is £140bn. So the wage guarantee for just under half a year will match what we spend on the NHS. Maxing out the country's credit card quite nicely. The other EU governments haven't gone anywwhere near as far. Wonder why.....
  3. What did I say was rhetoric? So the FTSE100 didn't suffer a worst hit than the other major financial indices in Europe this year? Are you also going to tell me thousands of doctors and nurses from the EU DIDN'T leave the UK because of Brexit? Go ahead, I dare you.
  4. We are doing horribly outside the EU. Talking about credit ratings for a start, we used to have the same ratings as Germany at AAA along with a a few other EU countries, but not anymore. Not to mention that the FTSE is getting battered more than most since YTD. Thousands of unnecessary deaths due to COVID-19 will occur because we didn't sign up to the EU's procurement initiative for medical equipment. We would've been in it automatically. I wish that the thousands of European health workers that left due to Brexit are still here. As Brexiteers have said, this country is overpopulated. Don't worry, it is getting a decent reduction now.
  5. Then why is our country the only one to have its credit rating downgraded?
  6. Are you out of your bloody mind? Do you think the economic measures by the government are free? Also, our measures will plunge us into greater debt than what the EU are proposing.
  7. Social distancing during their walk isn't the issue. The fact they stupidly drove miles unnecessarily to make that walk is the problem. People like yourself need to get it into that skull of yours that government advice is there for a reason. Do not make unnecessary journeys whatsoever. You're a disgrace for advocating such behaviour.
  8. So testing implies death rate? The mortality rate is constant for COVID-19, it can't change because of the degree of testing that you do. We just do not know, but the Italians have a better idea. Our stats are so rubbish that we have a mortality rate of closed cases of 81%. What does that tell you? If you are sick enough to get tested as per NHS guidelines, you are not likely to survive. Think about that.
  9. Well, the Oxford study is effectively getting trashed in the FT today. It makes the point where wide spread testing has been adopted, there is NO incidence of asymptomatic carriers on the scale the Oxford study claims. NONE whatsoever.
  10. This can't be true simply because of the fact there hasn't been a corresponding jump in associated deaths. The stats simply do not support this point of view.
  11. Just answering his question on how people are getting deliveries actually. But also alluding to the fact that you shouldn't rely on the prospect of getting deliveries in a timely manner if you are not already provisioned for it because you simply can't.
  12. Can't say about Asda but Ocado has been operating a virtual queue system which can be crazy. 17,000+ in it at it peak and a wait of over 4 hours, but turns out to be closer to 45 minutes. However, I managed to log in at 4am straight away with out a problem. So try in the early hours to see if that helps.
  13. I think your timeline was too soon for COVID-19. It was mid February before we started getting confirmed cases over here.
  14. To determine mortality rate you can only use closed cases that have a defined outcome. You can't speculate on the survival rates of active cases.
  15. Ok that was at best tenuous or at worst total garbage. The Oxford report is speculation based on epidemiology models. The only true way to get a reliable mortality statistic is by widespread testing, tracing and follow ups on closed cases. South Korea probably has the most reliable numbers and they are sitting at 3% across all groups.
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