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  1. If you do get an electric toothbrush, make sure it has a lithium ion battery in it if it is rechargeable. I have seen some cheap Braun ones which aren't and the battery life and overall performance is shocking.
  2. This is complete rubbish. Everything you have said here is wrong.
  3. It has been said that if the Guardian and the Daily Mail ever agree, then it is time to completely give up.
  4. The FT has made all coronavirus related articles free from since the lockdown began. It was a nice gesture to help keep the public well informed with good quality journalism unlike the Daily Mail.
  5. Our country is an absolute disgrace. https://www.ft.com/content/6b4c784e-c259-4ca4-9a82-648ffde71bf0 I said this would happen weeks ago due to the diabolical mishandling of the crisis by this government. I really hope I would be proved wrong. Any reasonable person would see this is where we would end up. The Cummings saga is simply the cherry on top of the cake.
  6. You have completely misunderstood the entire situation. Even if we did need to have the ventilators, we wouldn't have been able to source them from the Ventilator Challenge because none were certified for a start. Also, the specified requirements put out for their manufacture were completely of no use for COVID-19 patients. So, this incompetent government couldn't even specify the ventilator requirements for COVID-19 patients properly. It was evidentally rushed with no oversight.
  7. The good news just keeps on coming. https://www.ft.com/content/8df85bb4-4e2e-41f3-bb51-c7d046d23455 The failed ventilator challenge to industry is to cost the government in the region of £450m. Nearly half a billion pounds for a PR stunt to give the illusion that this Churchill wannabe is doing something proactive. Should I be surprised? Sadly no.
  8. People like mrcharlie have already made their minds up. There really is no possibility of convincing them otherwise. It is completely bizarre and totally unreasonable to have such animosity towards a group of people that had no choice in their circumstance. They are simply like sheep who just take an opinion that is fashionable at the time. The right wing press have their sights firmly set on furloughed workers. It will be the teachers next, especially when they do not want to die and question the government advice on the reopening of schools. Then it will be eventually the NHS when the doctors and nurses want the pay rise they deserve. It is quite disgraceful actually.
  9. Still not answering the question. Try again or read my original reply again. Funny how you you didn't use this argument in the Brexit debate when you wouldn't consider the argument that the referendum itself did not legally compel parliament to enact the result. You are quite hypocritical.
  10. Which rule are you claiming he legitimately followed that makes his actions acceptable? Which rule could justifiably be seen as acceptable to travel as far as he did. Are you going to claim that his nearest supermarket for grocery shopping was that far away?
  11. Your post is #4716. That little arrow in the top right of a quote box is your friend.
  12. Still not answered the question though have you? Correlation does not imply causation. Tell us what it is that you plainly see that is a reasoned argument. Otherwise I could imply that they all like Sunday roast dinners, so therefore they must want Cummings sacked.
  13. Why does Brexit even have to enter this particular debate? It can easily be judged on its on merit and the fact that you have the resort to Brexit just shows how desperate you are in trying to give Cummings any form of justification.
  14. Can't wait until PMQs on Wednesday. Keir Starmer is going to rip into Johnson.
  15. Goes to show that the majority are stupid. No one can have a reasonable opinion unless the scientific advice on which the opening of schools is predicated on is made available. However, the government currently suppressing the Imperial College report that models how exiting lock will look is suspicious at best and deliberately misleading at worst. With this government it is easy to see that the latter is most appropriate.
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