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  1. I have never had an issue calling Virgin Media. As for the language issue, I have only ever spoken to Scots who are quite clear.
  2. And the Brexiteers are too stupid to follow due process and legally enact the outcome they want. If the Leave MPs don’t know how to use Parliament then whose fault is that?
  3. Still don't understand how a democratic exercise to supercede another democratic exercise is somehow cheating. So how many of the 17.4 million would feel cheated? The dead obviously don't get a say for obvious reasons.
  4. You haven’t been following very closely have you? I wonder what will happen on Saturday. The great irony out of this is that the DUP are creating the situation that makes a second referendum far more likely. Bless their cotton socks.
  5. Oh dear, the DUP are beginning to resist the new double customs arrangement in Johnson’s latest proposal. This isn’t going through Parliament either.
  6. If we had an EU army, we wouldn’t have participated in an illegal war in Iraq. If there was an EU army, the conflict in the Balkans would have been resolved far quicker. Remainers are not going to apologise for wanting to create military force to ensure our freedoms and peace is preserved. Why would we really want an independent army anyway? Seriously, under what circumstances would we be better off to act unilaterally in an armed conflict? The nuclear deterrent could be pooled with the French to form the ultimate guarantee against aggressors. Hell, if that happened, we would save billions for not needing to build and maintain such a system on our own.
  7. This anti-intellectual rubbish is ridiculous. I have no idea why people have an issue with experts in general. These people give an opinion based on reasoned arguments. You counter with nothing except heresy and rhetoric. You are probably one of these people who think. 2:1 degree class is better than a 1st. Give the real reason you don’t like intellectuals, you can’t measure up and have an inferiority complex.
  8. I am afraid the workers deserve that they get. The North East voted for it, they can eat it.
  9. There is nothing wrong with the minimum wage as long as the parity between jobs are maintained.
  10. The union movement needed reigning back in the 80s. Thatcher could have picked any union to take head on to make an example of. The miners were by far the weakest and easiest to win against and the rest is history.
  11. The government alone spent £222bn on welfare and benefits. Can I ask for a reduction in my hard earned tax bill for people who aren’t pulling their weight? Why should my hard earned money be spent on people who don’t deserve it? Just using your logic @Car Boot
  12. Support for a no deal Brexit is wavering even among Tory MPs. At least 50 Tory MPs are set to revolt against a manifesto pledge that supports a no deal Brexit.
  13. Farmers are feeling betrayed after it was announced that 88% of imports will be allowed into the country without import taxes for a year on Brexit. They voted for it! Let’s give our farmers what they want. In the words of @Car Boot, “Let’s Do This!” People deserve their comeuppance.
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