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  1. A lot of people are missing quite an important point. There is really only one way to get a trade deal with the EU done by the end of 2020. That is basically regulatory alignment and carry on as we are with minimal disruption. There is no other way to have a trade deal in this time frame. Not to mention, preservation of the Good Friday Agreement is dependant on actually getting a trade deal with the US because the Democrat controlled Congress have said that it won’t allow the GFA to be threatened in any way. Try and square this circle.
  2. Universal Credit and putting the poor in their place with reduced benefits is the Tory way. Long may it continue.
  3. There is a reason why they are in the lower classes with limited education. This is reality and people need to understand this. We can’t just write in crayon what this all really means for them.
  4. What weed are you smoking? SSDs are the superior back up medium when compared to mechanical drives. If a mechanical drive fails, you are toast unless you are able to find a service that can recover the data by disassembling the drive. SSDs however, when they fail because they have exhausted their PE cycles are specced by JEDEC to still be readable for a year after this happens.
  5. Yes, just press and hold the power button on the V5 remote.
  6. The Guardian? Step up and read the FT, the peasants lol. In all seriousness, moderates still actually exist. With Corbyn on his way out along with the rest of his gang, it is now time for Labour to come home to the centre-left.
  7. Dell Ultrasharps have probably the best warranty out there. Premium Panel Exchange where if one dead pixel is found in the three years of ownership, it is exchanged out. This usually comes with Advanced Exchange Service where the replacement is shipped the next business day.
  8. So your misses can won’t mind not bringing up the pension’s issue ever again. The law is against them as well as the sitting government.
  9. Your last statement is complete rubbish. The younger demographic overwhelmingly voted Labour.
  10. That is very true. I am expecting the Leavers to claim that Brexit isn’t Brexit.
  11. The breakdown of the vote by Lord Ashcroft is stunning reading. The lower social classes, especially C2 overwhelmingly voted Tory. Classes AB and C1 were definitely more left leaning. Effectively, turkeys really did vote for Christmas. Unsurprisingly, the older demographic voted Tory with the tipping point at 45+. This very surprising to me that the WASPI support for Labour didn’t materialise. That was 3m votes that should have been hoovered up by Labour. Now, I don’t want to ever hear a single word from the WASPI group that feel hard done by. The courts ruled against them, the Tory government is unsympathetic to them. Only Labour offered them a way out but they were stupid enough to vote no. So they only got themselves to blame.
  12. Based on national security I would expect the PM to say no to indyref2. Where the hell are you going to put Faslane and Coulport? Why should we be stuck with the bill to relocate it all just for their vanity project?
  13. Benefits have to be cut. The Tory manifesto that you all voted can’t cost itself. I want my tax breaks which in my opinion I deserve far more than people on welfare. I contribute far more to the economy, especially when my tax bill is equivalent to the average wage. How is that even fair?
  14. Not my problem. The people have spoken and voted for it. So let the people have it. Do you not believe in democracy?
  15. And has it been completed? No, everyone won't be on it until 2023. The sooner this is done, the smaller the welfare state can become so the more deserving can get their tax cuts. This is what the Tories has always stood for. Bring it on!
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