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  1. Biden has won https://twitter.com/DecisionDeskHQ/status/1324710866516905984?s=19 Predictions are Biden 306 v Trump 232 Not that close after all.
  2. I am expecting Biden to take Georgia now because it is just mail in ballots being counted now and they are generally breaking 3:1 for Biden if not better.
  3. The Chinese are already deploying a vaccine for their military based on this; https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(20)31208-3/fulltext?fbclid=IwAR3GDyLS9m4WZJNU42z9hv9hAHz_xwEY0fQ69hd-dLV69U2ZO-UR8o32JhQ
  4. The ridiculous thing from this is that the government tried their damndest to rig the committee to have a majority by removing the cross-bench peer Robin Janvrin. The idea was that the 4 Tory members would vote for Grayling and should have been enough to install him as chairman. But in proper cloak and dagger style, ALL opposition MPs of the committee voted for Lewis and Lewis voted for himself securing the majority. Wonderful quote from the FT about this; "One senior Conservative MP said the appointment of Mr Lewis as chair came as a surprise as No 10 had “stacked” the committee to ensure that Mr Grayling was elected. “Shooting fish in a barrel is supposed to be easy. It seems one of these fish shot back,” he said."
  5. It would be political suicide if the inquiry isn't a public one.
  6. Really, do you think the inquiry will not be a public one? Genuine question.
  7. Can't see a date? Look closer in white text on the blue background. 14th July 2020
  8. A public inquiry into the government's handling of coronavirus has finally been confirmed.
  9. Cost of enforcing the borders post Brexit is £7bn. This Brexit dividend is sweet.
  10. Who have done OK exactly? What evidence have you got that the vaccines would have priority for the UK population? AstraZeneca is prioritising their manufacture for the EU. GSK and Sanofi are prioritising the US. That leaves who exactly?
  11. You're missing the far bigger picture. The nationality of a pharma company doesn't compel them to make vaccines of said country as a priority. GSK and Sanofi have already said that they are prioritising capacity to the US because they are at a commercial advantage. AstraZeneca signing the contract with the EU is also due to more favourable commercial terms. People like you are the problem. A face covering that is not N95 rated is still of benefit because any coughing and distribution of viral droplets would be constrained to within a smaller area. It isn't just about you. Your selfish attitude stinks. It isn't a coincidence where countries that the have mandated face coverings have recovered quicker and more effectively than those that have not.
  12. Brexit more important than lives apparently. On what planet does the UK government thinks it has more purchasing power than the EU or the US? Not to mention that there are currently only THREE potential vaccines at human trials, one is the AstraZeneca / Oxford University and the other two are Chinese. Guess who AstraZeneca signed a contract with in regards to the vaccine it is developing? The "Europe’s Inclusive Vaccines Alliance". You really couldn't make up the incompetence of this government. https://www.ft.com/content/0160c4b4-8406-401a-860f-4de62deb9bab
  13. I concur. I have absolutely no issues with mine, I can get down the end my road before I lose it completely while in the car.
  14. If you do get an electric toothbrush, make sure it has a lithium ion battery in it if it is rechargeable. I have seen some cheap Braun ones which aren't and the battery life and overall performance is shocking.
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