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  1. Yes, you will use a network cable from the console to the powerlan adapter. You can get adapters that are pass-through, so you will not lose a socket. They are better than wifi boosters. Obviously depends on the speed of the adapter. I am running gigabit TP-Link adapters and max out my broadband speed of 100mbit with no issue. Edit, forgot to mention, you need an adapter at the router end and plug it into the adapter if it was not obvious before.
  2. Instead of changing provider, get powerlan adapters so you can connect the console by ethernet via your power sockets.
  3. The ONLY way a mobile phone would cause a fire is if you physically punctured the lithium polymer cell.
  4. So all EVs have a thousand pound bulbs? What are you lot talking about? I would never buy a second hand car. I lease them through work where the cost of the rental is taken from my gross salary so it reduces my income tax bill and effectively makes the rental 40% less. Also, never have to worry about insurance or servicing as it is part of the deal. Best way to do it.
  5. I pay £40 a year to maintain my gold level membership with the AA for the members only discounts. Also, my child is a joint holder for free. So which ever car either of us are in, the policy covers that car. However, my main breakdown cover is with my bank.
  6. You just killed your entire argument. Give me a government paper on the matter and then people might actually take your points seriously. Do people nowadays not know how to decide what is considered a "good" source? Seriously, did university not teach you how to use appropriate references....... oh wait.
  7. Because it isn't actually taking weeks. It is taking a day to do the count. It is all postal voting so it takes time for deliveries. How long were postal votes given in the general election? Long-Bailey wasn't supposed to be the heir apparent to Corbyn. It was supposed to be Laura Pidcock until she lost her seat very unexpectedly. You need someone electable and out of that list, Starmer is a pretty obvious choice.
  8. You are mis-reporting like crazy so ultimately your post becomes utter rubbish. Labour only implied the nationalisation of Openworld. No other network or provider was mentioned. Did you actually read your post before posting? You are now comparing us to China?
  9. The free broadband idea was actually an attempt to close the social divide by giving the poorer in society access to tools that are very applicable to education nowadays. It is unsurprising to see that the uneducated don’t see the internet as a natural extension to education.
  10. Another silver lining to a Tory government other than Universal Credit is that landlords are going to be protected. None of this rent cap rubbish and inability for landlords to eject tenants from their properties. Things are looking up.
  11. Not at all. I actually voted Labour, because I was able to cut through the Tory manifesto and understand what it really meant. You don’t need luck to get a decent education, it is available to all. If you can’t apply yourself, whose fault is that. I don’t buy the argument that people are too busy working for a living. I work 13hr shifts and I still can be bothered to understand what I voted for. I wished the lowest common denominator wasn’t so clueless, but that is the unfortunate reality. Stop making excuses and step up the intelligence of the debate.
  12. A lot of people are missing quite an important point. There is really only one way to get a trade deal with the EU done by the end of 2020. That is basically regulatory alignment and carry on as we are with minimal disruption. There is no other way to have a trade deal in this time frame. Not to mention, preservation of the Good Friday Agreement is dependant on actually getting a trade deal with the US because the Democrat controlled Congress have said that it won’t allow the GFA to be threatened in any way. Try and square this circle.
  13. There is a reason why they are in the lower classes with limited education. This is reality and people need to understand this. We can’t just write in crayon what this all really means for them.
  14. What weed are you smoking? SSDs are the superior back up medium when compared to mechanical drives. If a mechanical drive fails, you are toast unless you are able to find a service that can recover the data by disassembling the drive. SSDs however, when they fail because they have exhausted their PE cycles are specced by JEDEC to still be readable for a year after this happens.
  15. Yes, just press and hold the power button on the V5 remote.
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