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  1. www.speedtest.net fast.com (this is an interesting one, a speed utility by Netflix)
  2. Not so sure about that. I think “if” it somehow went through Congress, the Senate is far less likely to stop it.
  3. If there is a hard border with Ireland, you can kiss any trade deal with the US goodbye. Even if Trump says he wants one, he won’t get to sign one because the Democrats won’t let it through Congress. Someone said that Labour MPs would would vote against a no confidence vote because it would lead to a general election are bonkers. No Labour MP would do that because they would be going against the possibility of being in government. No opposition MP would turn down the chance of being the governing party. If they did they would be deselected, in no time.
  4. Google maps is always running unless you disable the option of running in the background. You should check out your Google maps timeline.
  5. As already stated your MP has absolutely no obligation to vote the same way as you or the majority of constituents. If you do not understand that then you really don’t know how our democracy works. As for quantitive easing, the Bank of England used £435bn on the programme. However, QE was not the only mechanism used to stimulate the economy, crushing interest rates down to 0.5% simultaneously was also needed. If you don’t understand that, then you really don’t know what really happened to our country’s economy.
  6. I bought the commuter membership from British Cycling for £24 and it gives me third party liability cover of up to £15m for 12 months. It is is an absolute no brainier to decide that this is worth it.
  7. Most newer cars nowadays have Apple CarPlay and the android equivalent as standard. I use TomTom on my iPhone which streams it to the car dashboard via CarPlay. All my maps are offline so I don’t use mobile data and it includes all the speed camera locations. It only costs £17.99 a year.
  8. You have to be specific and correct if you are going to make statements like that. Do you actually know what constitutes “Britain”? Even school children should know this. Our country is called The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Britain actually represents England and Wales only. Scotland makes it “Great Britain”. The Northern Ireland bit represents what it is. The Falkland Islands have never been a part of Britain. It is a British overseas territory and nothing more or less. So to state that Argentina tried to annex a bit of Britain is laughably wrong in every sense. You would have thought Leavers banging on about sovereignty would know basic history and what their own country actually is.
  9. Almost sounds like too much of a coincidence.
  10. Who’s name is on the V5C? That would be a good place to start.
  11. “We will take back control and our sovereignty!”........ just repeat this enough times and your typical leave voter will then think the issue will magically resolve itself.
  12. We had a rebate for not having an equivalent farming industry as the French for example. So we weren’t actually contributing to French farmers specifically. Another other pieces of misinformation you want you want to lay out while you are at it?
  13. People like you with zero medical training are able to safely triage patients based on how they look is a reasonable opinion because?
  14. My country has become the laughing stock of the world. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/aug/06/brexit-clinton-treasury-secretary-larry-summers-dismisses-desperate-uk-hopes-of-us-trade-deal
  15. If you use a DSE such as a computer monitor for extended periods of time then your employer should pay for your eye test if you request one.
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