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  1. Wasn't Peter Pilkington ("Call me Pete") the guy who came over from the U.S.A. to manage the Wincobank plant? Sadly, I have a hard time remembering names and with age, it seems to get worse. I worked with John Levesly, Mike Thistlewhite, David Wall, Les Else and many others.
  2. Back in 1972, I built a Peel Viking car which won 3rd prize in a national concourse d'elegance. Wish I still had that car, it's now worth a mint!
  3. I have only just discovered this forum and found this thread. Felt I needed to join and comment because there are a couple of names mentioned which I recognise. I worked at the Wincobank plant and remember both Arthur Garfitt and Jack Hutcheson. I left BAEL in Jan 1977 and emigrated to Canada, which is where I still reside. I did maintain contact with Jack for a while but that was in the days before the internet!
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