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  1. I absolutely hate Benefit Frauds , those people really get me angry , but when my friend parked in a Disabled space in a Supermarket car park , this guy came up to her & started spouting off about how disgusting it was that she was misusing a Disabled space when there was nothing wrong with her . He said she should be ashamed of herself . She explained she had a Badge because she was disabled & that she was perfectly entitled to park there , but he wouldn't have it& continued to abuse her . It was only when she got out of the car & he realised she actually was disabled that he went bright red & apologised . Just because she didn't look disabled because she was sat in a car , doesn't mean she wasn't .
  2. Bloody hope not , that would be disgusting
  3. Quite a few homeless around City Centre . I wonder if some are not actually homeless but one of those that are pulling a scam . When they finish , they get changed & drive off in their BMW .
  4. Can I just say , as a Sheffield lass born & bred , I always get this feeling in the pit of my stomach when I coming home . I end up hearing Def Leppard all the time . it's like I am being called back . I adore my home City . I live in Bradford but my roots are right here in Sheffield because I feel such a bond with it . Would I move my house there if I could then I would be torn because of my mates in Bradford . Hard decision . No probably not but that doesn't stop me defending Sheffield . But looking forward to seeing Mum & my brother
  5. Right , have you ever posted stuff in here then remembered you are not in the group you thought you were ? . I have seriously got to reel it in while I am in here. I may come across as all sweetness & light , FOR NOW , but I have to remember I may have made a mistake with a post . So from this gobby mare I apologise if I offend because I never mean to . I just need to look & realise exactly where I am at the time of posting Not that I have done it now but can someone tell me if I have gone too far at any time in the future
  6. I find it hilarious when people who don't realise they are being funny , come out with something and it has you crying laughing .They ask you what's funny & that makes you worse . They they then realise what they said & end up crying laughing too
  7. Ontario you have no idea . My Dad always said , You can't educate pork , how right he was . My ex did once acuse me of showing him up because I was out there doing the checks on the car . He said that should be a man's job . I said well you should learn to do it yourself Sorry vw , I meant change a fuse . My error , consider my wrist slapped 😂 What colour would you like BRIGHT PINK ???
  8. 😁 Well you never know Mr Bloke , the maybe someone beavering away , working on just that
  9. I have to say , apart from & when it's appropriate , I hasten to add , having a laugh with the patients is good , but so often I have to be deadly serious in my job . So when I am out of work , I love having a good laugh , but working in the NHS does give us a very " dark " sense of humour that not everyone gets , but I think it's sometimes a coping mechanism because of what we see & deal with at work . But ,in my opinion , some folks just have had a sense of humour bi pass because of the way we are all supposed to be sensitive to peoples feelings all the time . Well , I am sensitive when I need to be , but when I don't I am certainly not . If people don't like , I just think oh well ,never mind . 🤣
  10. Oh that's funny , I am coming over to Sheffield on Monday , will bring me overalls .😀
  11. RiffRaff , I thank you for that , will have a scour around being as am a Newbie
  12. I have to say I didn't have any experience of doing stuff like changing light bulbs while I was living at home because my Dad did stuff like that . But after getting married to the most impractical bloke ever , I started to learn because he had no idea at all . I did all the decorating ,mowing the learn , looking after the car ( being a mechanics daughter ) , because he had no idea at all . No common sense that bloke . But I don't care , I am still going to be taking the **** out of Man Flu because I love doing it . So get your armour on
  13. Oh hell one with no sense of humour , it's not meant to be serious
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