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  1. All good. Thanks for the information. Anyone else know a good reliable repair shop?
  2. Thanks for the heads up. They do have a site still in operation. (I have sent a request in) Any other ideas anyone? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for your replies people. Will check the Hewitts out. Regards,
  4. Hi Good folk of Sheffield. My TV (Sony KDL-40Z4500) has bust. It no longer powers on. Thinking it was a fuse, i changed this. Still doesn't work. I tried an alternative power chord, still doesn't work. Anyone on here who is an engineer and or knows where to take it would be appreciated. *EDIT: I can see other topics similar, however didnt want to piggy back on their threads. Many thanks in advance.
  5. There are too many to list. I cycle to and from work 7+ miles each way. I am sure that one day the sate of the roads will cause me serious harm at some stage. I have already come off my bike due to the potholes. I Ride from the top of Standon road, which in my opinion is one of the worst roads. I like the fact that The full run from Ecclesfield rd, Tyler street all the way through to Carlisle St have been re surfaced due to the Toure De France. Its so annoying that because this event is coming to our region they decide to sort the main drags out but leave the surrounding roads in unsafe complete disrepair.
  6. Submitted. GREAT POST!! Ive been wanting to find an initiative such as this and am happy it seems that something is being done. Biggest issue is the shocking state of our roads. Some areas are life threatening IMO (At night without adequate lighting) Hope something positive happens.
  7. Hi peeps I know this is a long shot but my partner left her hot pink umbrella on the tram this morning and was appealing to anyone who may have found it. She got on the tram at meadowhall at approx 8am it gets into town around 0815 and into hillsborough (where she gets off) approx 0830. Please let me know if you found it Regards
  8. Anyone know of a good fancy dress shop/hire place in sheffield? cheers folks
  9. Id check up on that mate... I work for yorkshire bank and i sell Home insurance (which includes a seperate actual insurance for bikes) and this above comment (imo) MAY not be true... normally as default all insurance will cover an item upto the value on 1.5k anything above this needs to be declared... please check your paperwork mate... wouldnt want you thinking your covered (or been miss sold too) regards john
  10. WOW!!!! great thread folks, If i could get some tips and tricks off you would come in really handy... first off i know NOTHING about what is a good bike or a bad one... so some good advice on a cheaper type bike for commute from S9 into town... any budget (but cheaper end) plus ive been told about a trail that runs from the bottom of Wincobank (im on standon road) which runs into town (canal?) i tend to park in the sheaf queys car park anyway so got really excited at this news... cant think of nothing better... is this possible??? not too keen on road biking (drivers, me included dont tend to like bikers???? lol) please help this novis...lol kind regards john
  11. wow guys thanks for all your input help and advice its answered beyond doubt all my questions... and its quite clear there is a very serious debate goin on re the mickey mouse dentists out there who only see $... and those that have us at heart!!! so its finding those. i will be trying to get my self registered at a NHS dentist!!! as per the cheaper tariff!!!!! thanks again peeps
  12. now now folks... it is a nightmare but thats a seperate debate... i was just after a bit of a lesson as to how it all works etc... i take it if im registered then that may be a good thing no?? and that treatment costs are inevitable too?? god i wish i didnt work or was a new arrival... oops wrong debate again...my appologies!! thanks for all your coments thus far...
  13. Hey sheffielders!! ive been reading the many other dentist threads, however still feel i need to ask some questions if i may? Ive never really liked going to the dentist but is not a major problem just more an inconvenience> :-( about 2 years back i broke a tooth and needed an emergency appointment so rung round loads of dentists and happened on one who had an appointment available ( off manor top across the tram tracks from netto) here are my quires- whats the difference between NHS dentists and private- im assuming obviously the cost etc im in full time work aged 30 so... if i went to an NHS one would it be cheaper that private?? does anyone know if the dentist in question(near manor top) is any good?? do dentists rip you off with cost of treatment etc?? im needing another appointment soon, pain from another broken tooth and was afraid id go, then them look in my mouth then say , yes you need that looking at, then book me in for the following week, and bang a hefty "ive just looked in your mouth" charge... etc thanks so much for reading and would appreciate anyones help/advice/opinions etc regards john
  14. Hey folks... im laying a patio starting next week... wheres best for ordering sharp sand and cement to be delivered... ive looked on B&Q website and they dont deliver it...cant even order it on their website lol help is very much appreciated as ever... regards john
  15. Hi sheffielders i used to have a massive england flag, which i have lost in a house move... where can i get another?? the biggest i seem to be able to get or have seen are only 10ft by 6ft but i want bigger... anyone know where from?? and how much?? cheers you lot!!! av a good un!!!! john
  16. £3 per day, next to Hilton hotel, (sheaf queys) best in town, or park on roads around park hill n walk... Don't use ncp, propa expensive tho they do season tickets... Best I can offer up to now...
  17. Hi guys... am looking for a venue for our engagement party,( popped the question on a recent trip to NYC, at the top of the empire state building :-) ) wer looking for areas around hillsborough, but not essencial. Wed also prefer if the room was free, or cheap!! (took her to tiffanys on 5th av so budget is limited lol) The date we have in mind is 8th may. wer inviting around 100 people. Wed also like if we could put on our own food and DJ if possible... but if cheap enough would be happy to look at suggestions. kind regards sheffielders thanks for your time...
  18. Hey folks... Just a heads up to you all/or plea for any information... on wednesday 3rd feb... a friend of mine was driving home from work. She was the passenger (her partner driving) they approached firth park roundabout (from hucklow road) (firth park libary on the left) and as they got to the roundabout someone opened the back door and tried to get in. the male was covered up with scarf and hat so couldnt ID him. With extream haste they drove off, dragging this person half way round the roundabout, eventually he let go. please be careful and lock doors etc... she had a very lucky escape!!! thank god!!!
  19. Yea I got there comin from the match... Couldn't see much but close to the dip where the lights are was a civilian car accross the road over both lanes... Couldn't see any damage...
  20. Well heres what i know so far... weve managed to get into town from shiregreen, was more or less fine compared to the first bout... BUT!!!! when ive got into work... someones said that they were on a bus into town and the driver said to all the kids (on the bus) to get off it because they wouldnt be able to bring them home at 3...cos they were gonna get called off very soon!!!! weve then rung travel line... and theyve said if it carrys on then ALL buses will get pulled... and ive also checked the weather satellite and its gonna get horrid... till about ealry afternoon... so if your wondering if to travel anywhere on a bus... make sure you have a plan B if the buses get called off!!!!
  21. Hi there I live at shiregreen in a terraced house, and lastnight my outhouse was broken into and my new boiler ripped out of the wall, leaving the water & gas pouring out all over......please be aware that when the police came they same this was happening more n more in the area.....so be careful and be extra aware, as i live on the busiest main road in shiregreen and cannot believe these people could have got away doing what they do!!!!!
  22. Hey fellow sheffield ers' can anyone recommend a good repairers my fan on the fan assisted oven went last night... its an oven built in, so will need someone to come and have a look at it... so does anyone know anyone? thanks in advance!!
  23. Hi, Im after my own private reg, with either swfc, owl etc, does anyone know of anywhere/anyone that is selling any?? many thanks sheffielders!!!!!
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