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  1. Are you referring to " the squad"? in a black community context that term is an unhelpful stereotype and they and their supporters would do well to avoid using it. As for your Brexit comment, you're embarrassing yourself as there was obviously even lees support for remain.
  2. I don't recall Trump "taking a knee" during the national anthem at any time do you?
  3. I would suggest that MP's should mainly concern themselves with matters to do with this country.
  4. I can barely believe that someone who seems to be an intelligent person such as yourself cannot see that remain got even less support.
  5. You may be technically correct with Trump but that is the anomaly in their electoral college system. As for Brexit, of the people that participated in the vote, numerically more people voted to Leave than to stay. What is it about that you find hard to grasp?
  6. This is going off topic but this reminds me of Irvin Patnick's interventions in the Hillsborough disaster; Hillsborough wasn't his patch so why was he involved?
  7. A big thing at the moment is the 50 year anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon, a great thing, a very awe inspiring event, but sadly much of its coverage is being spoilt by feminists moaning about it. I had to switch off the Sky At Night programme last night because I just couldn't stomach Helen Sharman and Maggie Pocock winging about how male the whole endeavour was at the time!
  8. There are plenty of white "progressives" in the US that seem to hate the country they live in, Trump invites them to go and live elsewhere too. Over the years many celebrities have threatened to leave the US because of Trump, pondering on a move to Canada. Never Mexico you'll notice. LOLZ!
  9. I think he was making a general point about anyone of any race that does nothing but criticize America, inviting them to go and live elsewhere if they don't like it, like that horrible poisonous creature Megan Rapinoe.
  10. If the council are failing to meet some incineration target, for credibility shouldn't they get that right first before initiating a clean air consultation? especially given the fact that such consultations invariably mean added grief for people merely wanting to travel around for work.
  11. Britain chose not to go into the Euro when the Euro came into being. I don't think a member state currently in the Euro could come out of it and remain a member state; and I believe a prerequisite of joining the EU now is adopting the Euro as your currency.
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