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  1. why thank! you it has been said! no sewers just good old common sense.
  2. why would it be reported? i havent broken any rules? just because you dont like what i said?? have i offended a snowflake? its seriously not what i am saying, i am sad he had to take his own life, why would anyone want to do that when all he had to do was switch off the social media and ignore it.
  3. oh yes an absolute snowflake, the kids know what they are getting into online if they dont like what they hear get off and make new friends. plenty of people think like me just dare not say it. me grow up??? thats a laugh its not me that spends hours and hours on here posting twaddle. the higher the post rate seems to equate to snowflakery!
  4. Yes i have read it and??? holds no truck with me, another snowflake kid bullied online! why because he chose that method to communicate and when someone is so attention seeking they bring it upon themselves in a perverse manner, like i said switch off the social media and ignore it, sorry he felt the need to do that but there was no need, weakness is all it is.
  5. no its an illustration of common sense, which is sadly lacking in todays world especially the young.
  6. just watching the news this morning and looking at the Climate change protesters swap the badges back to the 70,s and they could all be CND hippys what a waste of peoples time and money, police cost for the last protest 7.5 million pounds well done rebellion extinction!!
  7. the ones that need to give their head a wobble as you put it are the ones that get all depressed about anything on social media especially so called celebrities/ if you dont like it dont look at it simple! same goes for all these silly kids that self harm because somebody called them a name or had an argument on twitter of facebook......grow up really!
  8. very difficult location not thought out as you say limited parking and a busy section of road to stop on, plenty of competition near thats more accessible. think it will struggle to do the turnover to make it work unfortunately.
  9. its time to stop and search anyone that looks likely to be causing trouble and profile targeting of youths in all areas.
  10. Got to love Katie Hopkins she says what the silent majority are thinking! the left dont like it but the new order is coming and coming fast.
  11. Climate change protesters will have zero influence on any changes because the amount that can be changed is so tiny it makes no difference, as for the protesters extinction rebellion they are nothing more than attention seeking timewasters that actually increase pollution by holding their silly little car protests.
  12. if its the going rate and they are prepared to pay it so what? its the fans that need to boycott the games and the sky coverage, will they do that ?? all of them ? no thats why he will probably get his 600k a week. supply and demand simple.
  13. leave them to their own ways it may be barbaric and backward to us but its their country so their rules, do gooders interfering cause half the worlds problems.
  14. hardly rocket science is it Simon Jack!! i think most sane people would realise a long time ago 1.7bn of debt was unsustainable, what more worrying is the directors and chairman still took huge wages and bonuses , apparently the ceo had£ 8m in the last 5 years! the firm should have been shut down in 2011.
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