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  1. so why make stupid comments? also the killing gives it a clue as why we know it happened? saying someone opens some gates and beat up a person does not!
  2. how can you say that?? the police have a very difficult job and dont deserve to die on duty, the amount of comments on here shows the lack of disrespect for Andrew Harper RIP.
  3. you were there at the time??? or is it just hearsay.........oh it is, actually your comments are pretty vile if you were celebrating his death, did you celebrate Thatchers death also?
  4. know the houses but dont know who lives there now, i was told one belonged to a jeweler, lovely houses though very successful owners.
  5. cant wait for Toby to come back this droning voice drives me mad.
  6. i guess thats what he was and didnt want to drive it!
  7. is it really that difficult to understand??? its an example nothing more, nothing hidden, its a situation like many others where people dont want to do something due to belief.
  8. i dont know what you are on about? i said i dont care what people choose to do but i dont want to hear about it or the culture constantly and portrayed as if they were similar to the slave trade and have to march and have a day to commemorate???
  9. i have no idea but most religions find homosexuality distasteful and is not part of their beliefs , he was expressing his right not to work, just like some people refuse to serve alcohol????? me i dont care a jot what people want to do apart from the continuous stream of Pride this Pride that!! fed up of seeing it on many different occasions. get over yourselves
  10. oh for goodness sake, not muslim then a jewish driver , same point sorry.
  11. a lot of fuss about nothing, so what he refused to drive it, find another driver! to be honest i think most people are fed up with all this "pride" stuff, its ok we get it but can we move on? i bet if there was an advert for bacon on the bus and a Muslim driver refused to drive it there would be no suspension.
  12. i didnt know it at the time and i would want it to be humanely produced so why is that a problem?
  13. would eat pretty much anything as long as it tasty and sustainable, dog farms?? cat farms?i have eaten dog in china and snake in hong kong so why not lynx and wolves???
  14. among others, i love watches and collect them. a watch is a very delicate piece of engineering even cheap ones,also the most expensive watches with a battery can cost a fortune to change a battery but its not the battery itself you are paying for its the skill and the service to ensure its waterproof etc.
  15. oooh you cant say that on here, some people think otherwise the entitled that is! its a shame we dont parade criminals what ever colour through our streets like this more often here in the UK in fact bring back the stocks for layabouts and drunks , druggies etc
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