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  1. As online delivery slots and click and collect are becoming harder to get and waiting times are longer, myself and 3 neighbours are placing an order and sharing the groceries between us. Hopefully this will save the delivery drivers time and we all get the groceries we need.
  2. In reply to Rockers Rule, I set up a charity shop, but before you say Oh no not another one, we provide training and retail work experience for young adults with learning difficulties since they find it very difficult to find meaningful employment once they leave full time education. Our students are trained then supported to carry out a range of tasks necessary to run an effective retail outlet. They learn to liaise with customers and suppliers, sort, steam and price up garments for resale, serve customers, use tills, give correct change, stock rotation and window display. The skills resulting from work experience placements will put the young adults in a much stronger position to seek formal employment. We're inbetween the Golden Scissors barbers and the cake shop, pop in and have a browse next time you're down that way.
  3. Thank you for the links everyone. The shop in the very left corner A E Woods is the shop that we currently occupy. I think the tower in the middle of the picture looks like a church which would have been on what is now the waste ground in between Wilkinsons and the bank;
  4. I rent a shop on Holme Lane, near Hillsborough Corner does anyone have any old photos that we could take copies of as we would like to display them in our shop?
  5. £1.50 for books and CD's we sell ours at 50p each
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