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  1. Looks like I wasted my time offering help on this thread.
  2. Exactly!! Looks like that moron you live next door to, dynamick, is trolling here.
  3. Most expensive item I have bought would be my Asics Gel running shoes, £90 Dearest items of clothing/footwear I own are a pair of UGG boots, they cost £160 and a pair of Miss Sixty jeans costing £70 ... both were birthday/Xmas presents. The rest of my clothes rarely go above the £25 price mark and I probably spend around £200 per year on clothing.
  4. Same car we have now, Toyota Yaris. 100% reliable and cheap to run/service.
  5. Have you tried Ghozer's suggestion? Save all the faffing about, unless you want to like.
  6. Not sure why you are having trouble browsing the net on a clean install of W2K. You would be better downloading SP4 for W2K and here for IE6. Follow the instruction carefully to download IE6 as a non-install.
  7. I've search for the file which I had on HD, but doesn't look like I can find it. It was very familiar to this one. I did have a IE6 non install, I know I have deleted that a few years back. Have you tried any of the other browsers that run on the IE engine ... just a thought.
  8. You would need to extract IE6 from it's directory. Why do you need a portable version of IE6? If you do so you will need an extractor and a decent one like 7-Zip or IZArc both Free!!
  9. Turn your computer on. Start tapping the F8 key. The Windows Advanced Options Menu appears. If you begin tapping the F8 key too soon, some computers display a "keyboard error" message. To resolve this, restart the computer and try again. Ensure that the Safe mode option is selected. Press Enter. The computer then begins to start in Safe mode. When you are finished with all troubleshooting, close all programs and restart the computer as you normally would.
  10. I think there is a portable version of IE7 ... You could always make your own portable version of IE6.
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