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  1. EMT & Northern issue the most cases with relation to bye law (for parking)  So if they issue anything and if she doesn't pay it. It goes to court.
  2. So do they have any time limit to issue notice to keeper after camera catch it or they have six months to issue notice to keeper ?
  3. But do they have to give notice to keeper ?
  4. Oh ok will tell her to wait for 14 days if something come up.
  5. 👍 if they are imposing penalty how many days it takes to come?
  6. Still if anyone has idea please update here. Thanks
  7. I think bus lane cameras are operated by council . Don't know about station one and how it works.
  8. Anyidea what happen if stopped in the taxi drop off area?
  9. Yes she dropped off in the taxi drop off at the end of cross turner street.
  10. She said she saw sign only taxis and enforcement in operation. Its exactly in front of station where all taxis do drop off n other side they wait for pick up.
  11. Do you dropoff in front of the station ? Because all station have drop off in front except sheffield I guess.
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