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  1. I've said it before, there is clearly an in-joke at the BBC where they dare each other to say this on air. The next person to do it should be straight sacked, no messing about.
  2. The US won't have a proper war with Iran; the US only picks fights with poor countries with non existent or sub standard armies.
  3. GP surgery's are clogged up with idiots with minor ailments that their local pharmacist could have sorted them out with.
  4. The state shouldn't necessarily be obliged to facilitate abortions.
  5. If I was Jeremy Hunt, I'd be a bit miffed at everyone waxing lyrical about Rory Stewart who got a poultry 19 votes.
  6. If I lived on Taplin road, or Dodd Street, Ripley street or the bottom of Walkley Lane, I'd consider suing the council for the increase in traffic/air pollution forced on to these roads by the bus gate on Hillsborough corner.
  7. Did I offend your feminist instincts? lol Clearly there generally is widespread strength in depth across the men's game at club and international level. I enjoy watching women's football and want the women's game to improve but it shouldn't overstretch itself at this point.
  8. Women's football is embarrassing itself, its trying to be something that its not, it wants to be widespread like the men's game, but the problem is, the strength in depth of quality isn't very widespread as evidenced by some of the rugby scores were seeing such as the 13-0 score line in the USA vs Thailand game yesterday.
  9. I find that quite odd; I could see how having the windows open could be an issue but if the windows are closed I fail to see how significant pollution could get in. What about sitting on a bus? what about sitting in your house that is situated on a busy road? That piece just focus's on cars! I take scientific studies with an agenda with a pinch of salt.
  10. If they walk then they'll be exposed to even more pollution all along the walk won't they?? You're not going to get people out of their cars, the solution is developing non-polluting cars. Even as things currently are humans are healthier and live longer than ever before in history, so a bit of perspective on things wouldn't go amiss here.
  11. Much of the industrial action in Britain throughout the seventies and into the eighties was being, to some degree, orchestrated by the Kremlin, there is no point trying to pretend otherwise; the government at the time were right to crack down on it with a showdown at Orgreave.
  12. All too late for England; Where was VAR in 2010 when Frank Lampard's clear goal was ruled not to be a goal?! lost all interest since then to be honest.
  13. I'm against abortion but I'd never go after women in terms of forbidding them from having an abortion or punishing them having one, its their bodies after all. We need to address the culture of carelessness around family planning.
  14. In our political discourse he made an assertion to be held up to scrutiny, and it certainly was scrutinised. He did nothing criminal.
  15. Its more or less bang next to the Wednesday ground; has to be Hillsborough.
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