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  1. I remember Mr & Mrs Abbott. He touch French didn't he? Mrs Abbott still teaches, or at least she did 20 years ago when I went to collage. She taught me English: I did better that time around and got an A. The nurse was in a clinic underneath the school, down a ramp. We went there for our TB jabs. By the time the Chinese whisperers had finished, the needle went in your arm, twisted round and hit the bone: very painful by all accounts. Kids! She did nits and verruca's as well. There were houses: Brittons were blue, Romans were red, Saxons were yellow and, Danes were green I think. One of the most useful things I was taught in Home Economics, was how to iron a shirt. I can honestly say that lesson wasn't a waste of time! I have things to do: more reminiscing another time.
  2. Kathryn Ellis was my best friend: she's a year older than me. I saw her last year: I got the impression she doesn't want to be best friends anymore, lol. I seem to get on better with her Mum these day! Must be an age thing. I was in the same year as Dwaine Saxtons sister Kim.
  3. I went to the infants and junior school. I didn't go to the nursery but I remember seeing the little cots on the grass and wishing I could be on one of them! Oh my word! Mr Priest and his two fingers that he used to dig under your ribs. There was one nice lady, I think she was a secretary. I want to say Mrs Sheldon. She lived on Swanbourne Road and she used to hold my hand walking me home. Mrs Marsden was a horror: she hated me! Mr Coombs was the headteacher. At the end of the year in assembly, he used to say 'and stay out of the hands of the police' and we used to reply 'same to you sir!' which felt really naughty to me.
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