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  1. That's exactly what i'm afraid will happen. Thanks for the advice lovlace. Glad to hear it worked out in the end for you.
  2. No problems here on Rockingham Street.
  3. If you're happy with driving to Ikea park and ride, and jumping on the tram there, that would be fine. I don't drive myself but i've been down there at that time and i don't recall the park and ride car park ever being full. Meadowhall however, may fill up. As for getting back at 6pm, i'm pretty certain the tram's running at that time. If it's going to meadowhall it will stop at the Ikea stop on it's way, the same for centertainment also. Other options include getting the X17 bus from Barnsley straight to Sheffield city centre, but i'm not sure where in Barnsley you're situated, and if you could get to the bus stop/bus station without having to take a previous bus or drive/park there. If you drive straight in to Sheffield city centre there's plenty of parking available and by the time you've paid for a south yorkshire bus ticket or paid for the tram you might aswell just pay for parking. Parking close to Leopold Street is: Wellington St NCP, Carver Street, Eldon Street, Fitzwilliam Street (if you don't mind walking straight down Division Street to Leopold Street, not far), or Arundel Gate NCP.
  4. I'd say the city centre, if you're happy with an apartment. The benefits would be that you're close to the university, shops, bars, also the tram and train station. The area around Kelham Island is very up and coming, it's close to the uni and the tram, but i have no idea how much property goes for around there. Otherwise, there's Crookes, Hillsborough, Broomhall, Endcliffe, and Nether Edge which are possibly walkable and/or have a bus route.
  5. Hello, I've just had an interview with the health and housing needs department to talk about putting me on a priority list for a council property due to health reasons. Has anybody else gone through the same thing? Were you happy with the outcome? I was told i'd have to apply for at least 3 properties each week, if i don't they will apply for me, and once i'm accepted for one i'll be expected to accept it also. Whilst i'm happy to be put forward to finally move, i guess i'm worried that i could end up anywhere they place me.
  6. Hello everyone, I may be losing my mind but i'm pretty sure that a while ago i came across a list on the internet somewhere of all the council properties in Sheffield. Does anyone know where i can find this list? If it does indeed exist, it would be really handy to know what's available in certain areas. I'm currently on the housing list and looking to move, preferably to the Nether Edge area, and whilst a few properties come up now and again on the property shop, i'm intrigued to know how many are in that area and where exactly. Many thanks!
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