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  1. Great advice thanks. Yes I'd have to get a bus from where I live to Barnsley Station and I want to try and keep my journey time down. I'll try some of your suggestions and see how I get on looks like I can get a tram weekly pass for £14 per week which seems cheaper than what I've seen that it costs to park in the centre if I use IKEA.
  2. I'm due to begin working in Sheffield centre shortly near leopold St. I have looked at options to get to the centre and would like some advice from people who know the city well. I will be driving from Barnsley so the first option I considered is park and ride at Meadowhall, Ikea or centertainment. I have read that the spaces are usually taken up by 8am and I will be arriving later than that. Is that true of the new Ikea Park and ride too? Can you just park in a normal space if its full? I also note that the Ikea Park and ride closes at 6pm. Do the trams on the yellow line bypass that stop after 6pm as the meadowhall one still runs? I cannot find a timetable with the ikea stop on it. The other option is trying to park in the centre. I have looked at the NCP and Q parks but they are going to be too expensive for 9 hours a day in the week. I don't need a season pass as I will be allocated a parking pass for where I work eventually. I have seen other car parks on Bridge Street that are under £5 per day but what are the chances of getting a space after 10am? Are there any car parks or street parking around the area within a 10 minute radius to where I need to be?
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