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  1. Seems the info I was told had some truth to it then. Although ive been told some more info since from the same doorman that makes the whole thing even more interesting! Tanks lease is meant to be coming to an end soon in the odeon building and wont be renewed, and Code were worried Tank would take on the lease at plug, supposedly they aren't doing to well themselves and didn't want a similar rival moving in next door so they faked interest/pretended that they wanted it......once the threat of Tank getting plug in time for the students returning passed, they pulled out. A rumour about corporation closing (and some other stuff about them I cant really remember) seems to have all been started by some bitter ex-staff that left Corp and tried/failed to start their own night at Plug in direct competition to a corp night. Believe what you like I guess, like everything I bet there are elements of truth in amongst it all. I've still not had a reply either way from plug regarding my ticket for the gig, which I dont thinks right to just ignore a customer, but I guess they've got other pressing things to worry about. Booga
  2. Yeah I see the tickets are still for sale, we just didn't want to buy more and then find out we've lost booking fees (or worst). I had 2 separate people mention it to me over the last week or so, a doorman down Leopold square and a barmaid up at Maggies. Hopefully, either way, it's nothing to worry about.
  3. Wondering if anyone can help me, I've been told that Plug nightclub is closing and will be sold to/taken over by the Code nightclub. I've tickets to a U2 tribute show later in the year and my friend is now wanting to buy a ticket, but obviously we don't want to do that if the shows being cancelled with this take over (far as we are aware Code don't really have a history of putting on gigs). We've tried contacting both venues asking, but had no reply either way, which doesn't fill us with confidence. Does anyone here work for Plug/Code and able to confirm if its true or not, and if true are the shows still going ahead? If they aren't going ahead when will we get our refunds? Thanks Booga
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