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  1. I've told you you can. Why would you doubt my word? Check out 'courier insurance' for delivery bike riders as you are clearly interested in finding out more. I'd be very happy to be proved wrong - this is the situation as I understand it and AFAIK it would cost a ridiculous amount of money to get 3rd party, fire and theft cover so a lot of delivery bike riders have to manage with the legal minimum as they can't afford to insure the bike itself. Please feel free to show me and the readers of this thread - with appropriate evidence - that the insurance we paid for doesn't exist! By the way - the bike is still missing so our family paid hundreds of pounds for a bike that we only had for a week or so before some lowlife stole it yet all the ?majority of posters on this thread can do is cast aspersions on the honesty and law-abiding nature of our family. It'd be fantastic if this thread produced some useful information about the bike's whereabouts!
  2. Both those things are untrue. The bike was insured and the bike was taxed. It was fully legally-compliant at the time of the theft and my son was driving it completely legally.
  3. The bike was taxed and insured at the time from the time we collected it from the previous owner until my son cancelled his insurance as the bike had been stolen. I've no idea what he's done about the road tax - I presume it's still running. I guess he could get a refund if he gets onto the relevant authority. Why are you commenting when you don't appear to have taken the time to read the thread properly? Who wouldn't cancel insurance that provides cover for third party events when the vehicle is no longer in their possession? I posted in the first place with the registration number in case someone had any information that would be helpful in recovering the bike. I have been baffled by the response from a number of posters but appreciative of others.
  4. Gosh, I can't begin to imagine what 'it gets even dodgier' is supposed to mean. 'Turned out to be third party' because it was his first bike, first experience at insuring a vehicle, and it turned out when he went to make a claim for the theft that he had only insured it for third party and not fire and theft. The bike was 'obviously' taxed because that's what we do in this family. It was taxed, made road worthy and insured. He also had to take the various tests to get his driving licence and get himself kitted out with the gear - not to mention applying for the job itself - so there was a lot going on both in time and financially in order for him to start this job. It was very disappointing that it was brought to such an abrupt halt by the bike being stolen. I didn't mention insurance being transferable from a previous owner (it's not) so why did you? When the bike theft was reported to the insurance company the insurance policy was cancelled as there was obviously no point insuring for third party when my son wasn't driving it. That'll presumably be why it's not shown as insured on the government site. And like I said, we'd only just bought it so I guess the policy hadn't had time to show up before the bike was stolen. Or whatever. I really don't know. Thank you to the people who've taken the time to post nice comments. PS it was reported to the police within a few minutes of it being stolen and I understand the bike is featuring on SY police's 'lost/stolen' website. AFAIK my son hasn't heard from the police since he reported the theft and as (as I've said) there's no insurance claim to be had, we've just stood the cost ourselves. Which is why I'm a little bemused as to how anyone can think this thread was anything other than honest and genuine and don't get why some of you have spent time checking out the bike on the government website then quizzing me about our insurance arrangements.
  5. Ok so we'd only had the bike a couple of weeks. It turned out to be third party insurance only, not fire and theft. We bought the bike from someone who hadn't ridden it for a while, hence them selling it but I don't understand why it would show as SORN when it was obviously taxed and tested else my son couldn't have got insurance...?
  6. I know - but thanks for your response. I posted on here just in case someone does know anything about it.
  7. So my son is a food delivery driver. He's just delivered food to an address in Gleadless Valley. He phoned a minute or so beforehand to say he would be outside very soon; they opened the door ready and eager for him to arrive. In the time it took to walk up the path and turn round, the bike had been stolen. FA16 NBX with a big L plate. The people in the house/flat were facing the bike so must have seen what happened. I'm outraged. It feels like a set-up. A 'window of opportunity' of maybe 15 secs. The steering lock was on. It matters so much to our family to get the bike back. It was xxx Spring Close xxx. I have the full address. Please if you know anything, let me know. I promise your reply will be confidential. My son's friend has been driving around looking for the bike. He reckons he can hear it being driven around in the woods. So sad. That bike was the means for my son to earn a living.
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