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  1. Hi Found Blacberry this morning Wed a/m; Patternoster row. Please pm me.
  2. Hi all Has anybody on the forum sold a pension, I am thinking of doing this, has anybody already cashed in a pension and now regretted it.? Many thanks
  3. Hi Rob, sorry i cannot be of much help, i saw him in town about 6 months ago and i do believe he now lives in Totley,I worked for him many years ago at the Golden Ball,Old Blue Ball,and finally the Old Red Lion had some great times and Chuck is real Sheffield Character. Cheers.
  4. hiya if you go on to BBC i player, go on to radio and the full series is on now. happy listening.
  5. Here goes Sheila Precious John llewellyn Pam Brakes Sharon Ashworth Little Mark Stuart and Keiron furniture. Big Barry carpets Cyril Goddard Roy Smith David and Tyrone i will try and think of some more. Cheers muppet.
  6. When i started on menswear about 1978, john Cottam had just been done for having his hands in the till.
  7. Hollow legs, I believe his name was Gordon Churchman worked for Stones,if i remember right he used to drink in the Birley. What a character.
  8. Stick your head out of the sunroof son
  9. My workmate drinks 12 MUGS of tea in a 9 hour shift i think that is overly excessive i enjoy 3/4 cups a shift. is it too much or is it just me? By the way with every cup of tea he has a bag of crisps:huh:
  10. hi all I am interested in buying a yorkshire terrier or a small yorkshire terrier cross would anyone have any idea as where to go to locally thanks
  11. Hi wallace get to Meadowhead roundabout, follow the signs for Dronfield,stay on the main road you will eventually come to a pub called the Hallowes over the mini roundabout about half a mile on your right jpobs a good un muppet
  12. Further up the road on the right was the Malton used to be run by curly Bill long gone now as is the pub. memories;) muppet
  13. hi brooksy i am the same age as you and i virtually lived at Torksey in the middle to late 70s so our paths will have crossed sometime. We were on the Hulme Arms site,did our drinking in the Castle Arms on Sandy lane,and in the barn at weekends,transport was difficult and it was a long walk to the Carpenters, occaisonally popped in to the club on Little London and do you remember Mrs Wicks strawberry milk from the farm. years gone by now but many happy memories:P cheers muppet.
  14. :gag:Heres my twopennys worth from the 7os and 80s Chuck Charlesworth-Golden Ball-Red Lion-Old Blue Ball-Three Cranes Mick Lee-Mulberry Tavern Roy Tomlinson-Crown INN-Neepsend Curly Bill-Malton Alan Barnes-Timbertops Pete Barnes-Horse and Jockey Jud Ingram-Captive Queen oh the memories and the headaches
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