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  1. I have seen a few of his interviews. I believed him at first. When did he say in his interviews that he faked the hate crime to shine a light on racism in America? I haven't seen that. It is no longer an alleged attack. You have made a huge number of factual errors on this case, yet you still seem happy to assert opinions. Defending a black person blindly makes you a racist, not forward thinking. Treat Smollet in the same way you would treat a right winger caught lying about being attacked by Muslims.
  2. No, your claim that his motive was to expose racism.
  3. Better than making myself look like Tommy Robinson. You suggested that someone should distance themselves from their country because of the actions of an unrelated countryman. Appalling behaviour and every bit as bad as Tommy demanding random Muslims distance themselves from Islam because of the grooming gangs. I think you owe the American poster an apology.
  4. Lol slip of the keyboard? No, you are just wrong. You can't say "well why don't they arrest him" and then when bpointout he was arrested say slip of the keyboard, I didn't mean that". You don't have to be jailed to be considered guilty. He was not cleared, not found innocent. He accepted an alternative prosecution. So he was prosecuted for the crime and accepted a punishment. You are wrong. The motives, according to the prosecution (which he and his legal team accepted) were to get a pay rise. Why do you think his motives were different and what evidence do you have to support your claims?
  5. He was absolutely charged. Why not read up about the case?
  6. They have arrested him. Why are you commenting on something you quite clearly know nothing about? Before venturing further opinions, please read about what has happened.
  7. You are ignoring the issue. My claim is that you are guilty of double standards and hypocrisy. You asking the poster to distance themselves from their country because an unrelated fellow countryman did something bad. That is appalling behaviour. You are the same as someone who demands innocent Muslims do the same. You criticise Tommy Robinson but you are very similar to him.
  8. No it isnt. It reveals your double standards. Able to call people you don't like (opposite to you politically) scum, but call me out for calling someone I don't like a rat. Happy to demand Americans distance themselves from America for things other Americans have done. Not happy to demand Muslims distance themselves from Islam for things other Muslims have done. The fact that the poster does not voice the same opinion of their president as you do does not make this acceptable.
  9. When did you start watching? It has always been uneven. Number of different title winners per decade 1970s - 5 1980s - 4 1990s - 4 2000s - 3 2010s - 4 If Liverpool win the league this year, the decade would have produced the most unique winners in 5 decades.
  10. Didn't you call me out on another thread for calling someone a rat? Pretty hyportical of you Can you answer the above please?
  11. Are you the sort of person who demands that Muslims distance themselves from their "carcrash" of a religion every time something bad happens that has nothing to do with them? Or do you have double standards? Did you just refer to a country as scum?
  12. The details of the crime make for horrific reading. He alleged that a noose was thrown over his neck. This is extremely powerful symbolism. What an odious creature. This would have caused severe distress to local black people, and local right wingers. It will make it harder for people who are the victims of a hate crime to get the justice they deserve. Yes it's a good thing. It has nothing to do with this case though. The Police say he was wanting to increase his salary.
  13. Ahh I thought you were seriously making that argument. Ahh I thought you were seriously making that argument.
  14. Cars have a use other than death and destruction though. If they didn't, a call to ban them would be understandable.
  15. Hyperbole perhaps, but he is incredibly damaging. If I decided to lie about a Muslim attacking me in the dead of night on Fargate, gaining international attention, it would absolutely damage community relations in the UK. I am astounded, actually astounded, that some people are actually attributing nobility to this rats actions.
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