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  1. Another recommendation for Mike Brewers. Did a brilliant job on the MOT and Service on my car
  2. Where is the best restaurant and bar in town to book a space/table for a hen do please? Don't want to be too far away from the bars! Thanks!
  3. We are getting married in August 2015 and we are looking for a decent priced photographer to take photos of our wedding ceremony only. We'll prob only need one for 2 hours, not the whole day. Can you please advise? Thanks
  4. Is it now closed? I went past it last night on West Street and saw that it wasn't open!
  5. Thanks both, the amount of reviews I have read on DJ's are not good. If anybody has had any good reviews, please let me know and we'll look in to one. We want one who will play music that we want the DJ to play and also take the odd song request. Cheers
  6. Hi all Me and my partner will be having our wedding reception at Little Mesters in Kelham Island, Sheffield in August 2015. Does anybody have any good reviews on DJ's? the cost doesn't matter much to us, we just want a decent DJ. Cheers
  7. Hiya does anybody know what the opening hours will be on new year's day at the Sword Dancer pub at Handsworth? I've had a look on the website and can't see anything. Thanks
  8. Any news about the power on the moor?
  9. Does anybody know which car parks will be in use? thanks
  10. I live on that estate and it's a really nice quiet estate apart from during the day when they're building. We have had a quite a few snags with our home but they do come and sort it out for you as part of the 5 year warrantly when you buy a barratts home. It does take a while sometimes so you might have to do some chasing up with them. Apart from all of that my road is nice and we've got good neighbours.
  11. Handsworth is a lovely area and I have lived here all my life with out any problems Handsworth Road has got busier over the past few years but that doesn't bother me.
  12. I saw them go over my house in Handsworth as well!
  13. Is it open? I went past earlier on and it had metal fencing up and the car park looked empty. Thanks
  14. Check the slimming world website: http://www.slimmingworld.com/
  15. I'm in S13 and the network is awful. Once my contract ends, I'm going to switch networks as the coverage hasn't been good at all for the past few months.
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