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  1. It was nicknamed Dunlop Island .I navigated it several times a day.the layout changed by the hour.
  2. Has anyone worked at Hadfields east Hecla works a memory of the poem that was on the ambulance room wall.It was about Percy Bly who got some metal in his eye.
  3. I saw the whale,it was on the back of a low loader on a bomb site on the Moor.It was surrounded by screens an people were charged a shilling to see it.It had been found washed up on a beach somewhere and was driven round Britain.Even though it was kept topped up with embalming fluid it smelt awful.This was sometime around 1951.
  4. Does anyone remember the writing on the gable end of a house on Chesterfield road opposite the bottom of Darbyshire lane.It was painted over in the sixties.I think it was about China in future time
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