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  1. I notice the 97 and 98 say there's a special timetable in place. What is this and how are we supposed to know the changes in this service?
  2. Thank you. I got the buses OK today but worried a bit when I checked my app coming home and it said there were no First buses running from my stop but the 98 turned up on time so it must have been a blip. Thank you for this. I hope they don't reduce any more as I need to get to work as a key worker
  3. I use the 98 coming home and any bus from Penistone Rd in a morning, the 78, 8 or 86.
  4. Thank you, that is the hourly timetable so doesn't look it has changed yet.
  5. Hi, can I just ask, my neighbour has told me the buses are going to be run every two hours from now on until this is all over. I have to use buses as I am a key worker and need to get to work, do you know if this is true?
  6. Is this just for this coronovirus or permanently?
  7. That's true but I seem to see plenty of First buses on both these routes aswell as Stagecoach.
  8. I understand what you're saying but how come there are loads of buses on other routes such as the 52 and 120, there doesn't seem to be many shortage of staff and buses on those routes. Also, why do buses get abandoned in town, like the 98 I was waiting for last week that had a driver and a running bus but he was told to stop the service in town and not go any further because he had another route to go to - so why should the 98 suffer? Sorry to go on about this as its not your fault obviously but it is so frustrating for people like me who don't drive and rely on buses to get around.
  9. But they don't sort it out. All I receive after my many complaints to First are the same daft email saying they take customer's views and complaints into account and blaming the traffic, staffing etc for the delays but nothing gets done and it just get worse.
  10. First are soon going to be getting my taxi receipts for a refund. I met friends after work tonight for a meal. I went for the 98 bus home at 8.20, it came in 'sorry not in service'. I spoke to the driver who said there was no replacement driver to take the bus over. Bear in mind the buses are one an hour at this time. I was fuming, though I know it wasn't the driver's fault as he was only doing as he was told. I went back to the restaurant for another coffee, on principle refusing to get a taxi home. I went for the 9.20 bus and that was missing! Absolutely beyond a joke. I did get a taxi home then as I refused to wait for another hour. So it cost me over £8.00 to get home. Surely this awful service cannot go on.
  11. Thanks, that has made me feel better. I did leave a good bus route (Firshill) so I do feel the strain of the buses now but I much prefer where I live now and I guess that matters more.
  12. Can I ask, would you ever move home because of the bus service? I'm only asking because a colleague at work, who lives near me and drives, said if he didn't drive he would have to move, although he loves where he lives because he couldn't cope with the bus service. I myself would be very reluctant to move as I have moved back to a place I always regretting leaving and am glad to be back - just the buses are an issues.
  13. Simple, they should take some of the buses off the routes that have plenty on that route and put them on the lacking ones, they don't have to find more buses.
  14. Which bus route do you live on? It is getting beyond a joke. Its getting where its stressful just thinking about getting from A to B. I used to live on the 83 route which is good as it has both First and Stagecoach and the buses are about every fifteen minutes during the day. I still prefer where I live now though, I just wish the buses were better. Thanks for looking into it, I appreciate family business has to come first.
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