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  1. How do you mean I choose to walk beyond necessary? If the 98 was more reliable then I would catch it at the end of my road, but unfortunately it is not so what choice do I have apart from be late for work every day? First IS a rubbish service, that's why the manager is apologising for the service and trying to make amends.
  2. The trams have conductors. Also people buying bus pass on the bus holds up the queue. My route is just served by First but because of the appalling service, I walk down to Penistone Road when I'm going to work as relying solely on First would make me late on a regular basis so I buy the City Wide pass so as I can use Stagecoach also. I still feel people like myself should still get a discount from First because if the service was better we wouldn't have to rely on Stagecoach.
  3. I've seen this and its good. First only run on my route but I get a City Wide pass because I can't rely on First and would rather walk further to get a Stagecoach but I do use First when coming home from work as I'm not so much in a rush then so could I benefit from this offer? Bring back conductors. We never had these issues when we had conductors on buses before.
  4. Which bus do you use now? The 18 is on my route but its not one I have to use.
  5. I understand what you're saying but in my case the 98 is often missing and it can't be something happening on the route every time when other routes run effectively., I understand what you are saying but the 18 runs once an hour, so does the 32 and that one stops at 6.30 pm. We just need a more regular route, whether it be the 98 or the 32 to and from town. Good idea but I feel it would still mean a lot of waiting around.
  6. I live on Scraithwood Drive above the five arches. In the light nights yes I will get a bus to Hillsborough and walk up but not in the dark, not under the five arches. And its still no excuse for the 98 not turning up.
  7. An update - someone at the bus stop the other day told me the buses are going to be changing times again this year - but to help people and make things better this time. Lets hope so! Again I have had more hassle with the 98. Last Thursday night I was waiting for it on Abbeydale Road to go through to Hillsborough, one an hour in the evening at the time I was waiting, it was showing on my app and at the bus stop and it never turned up. I ended up getting a taxi and paying £10.00 to get home when I have already paid for a bus pass. Something really needs to change.
  8. I have posted about this before but I've done some looking into since and I am finding it more and more unfair. Just to recap - I moved in May of this year to a one bedroomed flat. I knew the rent would be what it is before I moved, hence it was noted on the website when I put in the bid - fair enough, I thought that all rents on this estate were the same, I wasn't told otherwise. However, it was only after I has signed up for the flat and moved that I found out other tenants on the estate in the same type of flat as mine are paying at least £10.00 per week less rent than I am. I queried this with the Council and was informed that this is because the person who lived in the flat before me had bought the flat and sold it back to the Council as she could no longer afford the mortgage. This it seems is classed as 'affordable housing' and was brought in by the Government in 2010. Basically it means I am paying more to recover the Council's losses. Hardly fair. Not my fault that the girl who lived here before sold her flat back to the Council. I have been told that I am still classed as a Council tenant therefore I should be paying the same as everyone else. I have discussed this with a Councillor who has looked into this for me but has been told the same as I have, that this is my rent and that's how it is, end of! However, people are still saying its unfair and that I should write to my MP which I am now in the process of doing. Does anyone know of anyone in this situation? Do you know if this extra rent is for a short term period or am I stuck with it long term? Do I have the same rights as a Council tenant, ie right to buy (not that I am considering it), housing benefit if I ever should need it etc. Will my MP have any clout over this? I am really annoyed by the fact that this wasn't explained to me in the first place, so surely this gives me some back up for having it all reviewed?
  9. That is shocking. I hope they don't remove the 98 from where I catch it. Not many people get on at my stop but then it gets crammed once it gets to Longley. Next thing they'll be saying its not needed at the bottom of Wordsworth Avenue/Scraithwood Drive.
  10. Thanks, this is the travel line number isn't it? Do they deal with complaints too?
  11. Thank you for this. I have complained to First via their website but so far have had one reply to apologise but nothing gets done as you say. How do I contact PTE?
  12. Back to the topic of the unreliability of First - one evening this week there were two 98 buses missing in a row at peak time - one hour without a bus. Everyone at the bus stop was fuming. If they have to be every half hour then surely they should turn up on time! No one wants to stand for an hour at a bus stop, especially in this cold weather.
  13. My friend sent me a link to the First website where they are apologising for the crap bus service basically. They say its due to vehicles, workers etc and hope to get back to normal soon. No doubt they've had lots of complaints. All this is fair enough but how come they always have enough staff and vehicles for the 52 route?
  14. Is that why they cut the service down to half an hour? Its not fair that some routes get a really good service and others don't. Another bugbear is the 32 bus that is only one per hour, that's better than the 98 in that it takes about fifteen minutes to get to town and is very quick but one per hour, the service finishing at 7.00 pm and nothing on Sundays is beyond a joke. I was talking to a man at the bus stop going down Hillsborough last week, he lives on Penrith Road and says the only bus they can get up there to town is the 32, if they want to go to town on Sundays they have to walk down for the 98 or walk up to Norwood for a bus there. I'm just glad I don't up Shirecliffe.
  15. Bring back bus conductors, that's what I say. We didn't have this issue then of buses being constantly held up by people paying the driver their fares. Thanks for this. Its like these posters they put up advertising their 'wonderful service' is almost like a mockery. The simple answer is to put more buses on the route surely.
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