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  1. My friend sent me a link to the First website where they are apologising for the crap bus service basically. They say its due to vehicles, workers etc and hope to get back to normal soon. No doubt they've had lots of complaints. All this is fair enough but how come they always have enough staff and vehicles for the 52 route?
  2. Is that why they cut the service down to half an hour? Its not fair that some routes get a really good service and others don't. Another bugbear is the 32 bus that is only one per hour, that's better than the 98 in that it takes about fifteen minutes to get to town and is very quick but one per hour, the service finishing at 7.00 pm and nothing on Sundays is beyond a joke. I was talking to a man at the bus stop going down Hillsborough last week, he lives on Penrith Road and says the only bus they can get up there to town is the 32, if they want to go to town on Sundays they have to walk down for the 98 or walk up to Norwood for a bus there. I'm just glad I don't up Shirecliffe.
  3. Bring back bus conductors, that's what I say. We didn't have this issue then of buses being constantly held up by people paying the driver their fares. Thanks for this. Its like these posters they put up advertising their 'wonderful service' is almost like a mockery. The simple answer is to put more buses on the route surely.
  4. Well tonight I went for the 98 after work and it was stood in early so I ran for it and it rode off - ten minutes early. I'm sure the driver saw me too. So it either comes late, doesn't turn up or comes too early. When I did eventually get a bus tonight there was a poster saying that First buses are every ten minutes or more and advertising it as 'your personal bus service'. What a joke.
  5. Thank you for this. I've only been using this service since May when I moved but people who live on my estate say that its not been reliable for some time. Let's hope it picks up.
  6. Its the bus stop on Arundel Gate near the Cruicible.
  7. How is that? Whenever I am waiting for a bus a 52 or 52a comes past every two minutes. Everyone else at the bus stop seems to notice too. We all say 'you're OK if you live on the 52 route, bus every two minutes'.
  8. Thanks for this. The bus I went for tonight and last night was at 6.20 so not really in the main peak rush hour. It wouldn't be so bad if it was a ten minute service but once every half hour and then missing is beyond a joke as you say.
  9. I don't know why my thread was moved either. My bus was missing again tonight. It failed to appear at the due time on my phone app or the electronic board at the bus stop but then suddenly appeared as being due in 15 minutes so I decided to wait for that. When it came I was told by the driver that he was going as far as the Northern General and that was it. So I had to wait for the next 98 as I need the bus to go to the end of Wordsworth Avenue. Roads are congested all over the city but routes like the 52 don't seem to be affected. Its honestly no joke when you've been at work all day to have to stand in the cold and wet for ages waiting for a bus just to get you home.
  10. Back to the same old topic I know but just seen a poster on my bus stop saying 'high frequency buses in Sheffield'. What a laugh. My bus, the 98 to Hillsborough from town, is missing again and they only run every half an hour as it is. Reducing the service is bad enough but when the bus doesn't even turn up its beyond a joke. I don't drive. How am I supposed to get home from work without waiting for another bus for ages - horse and cart, taxi, walk?
  11. Just to add - my elderly neighbour told me this morning that the reduction of buses in our area or rather when they don't turn up and it means waiting a considerable amount of time for the next one, means it puts her off going out as much. Why should people be stranded in their own homes? I suppose that's going to be classed as her expecting a taxi service is it? Disgusting.
  12. I get the 98 from Herries Road/Wordsworth Avenue. So far its turned up OK at this end but often in town it just disappears or a bus comes saying 'Sorry not in service' so I just go shopping rather than wait another half hour at the bus stop. I agree its a crap service. Once every half hour for a bus in a major city like Sheffield is just a joke.
  13. Whereabouts in Hillsborough do you live? I was born and bred there and now live close by.
  14. Not many grass verges here either. Not very realistic is it? I work full time so I have to go out but I hate staying in anyway so even if I wasn't working I'd be out every day.
  15. That's true but walking down a hill in the ice seems more daunting.
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