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  1. Thank you Hippogriff for such detailed response.A week ago I spoke to couple who live there, and they said they first were renting at the same estate , then decided to buy a house( quite possible your tenants:)) You all really put my mind in rest.I think I will be mowing to Gateway soon.
  2. Thank you for your replies.I love the estate but do not know much about Handsworth as I rent in Hillsborough.The house is at Stoneycroft Road and currently there are 4 houses on sale there!! With all negative reviews on newly biult houses you just get some doubts😉
  3. Hi I am a first time buyer and I saw 2 houses recently at Barratt estate in Handswort.I realy like the estate and houses but have noticed quite a few houses are on sale now.Just wanted to get some advice from people who live in the area.Are any issues with the houses( are they that poorly built, noise issues) or any problems in the neighborhood, or it just a pure coincidence that people moving on.There were few similar topics already but they are quite old, anyone in 2019😉 Thank you a lot Aneta
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