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  1. Going to Scotland in 62 minutes!!! Still at work bored to death while my colleagues are in a board meeting. Talk to meeeee
  2. McDonalds - classic burger, medium fries & ice latte.
  3. I'm at work like proper cuffuzzled ere. My car better have 2 reverse lights... RENAULT TWINGO GT 16V 1149cc PETROL, 3 Door 3 DOOR HATCHBACK - this is my car but can't find a good enough picture. It's blue Sorry, I was wrong.. Oh
  4. What do you mean? All cars have two reverse lights... at least in the UK.
  5. If the premises is not licenced, than it is illegal.
  6. Hopefully I have put this in the right place but my right reverse light on my Renault Twingo won't come on. The right hand side one works so it isn't a fuse problem but we went to Halfords to buy 2 new reverse lights and it still doesn't come on. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. It does! It opens a whole lot of new opportunities. We wouldn't be going to Scotland next week if we didn't have a car Thank you
  8. Thank you , that's a lot of miles wow! Must be nice living in France ey
  9. Haha, okay then. A won't ask lol
  10. Yeah sorry. He works night shifts so when he gets home at 6:30am, we leave (I drive) for work and then he drives home. I love driving, best thing I've ever done. Was at a roundabout this morning (was fairly big) was going straight ahead, 2nd exit and it was a little steep, enough to make me roll back a little so I did my biting point with the clutch and accelerator and actually aced it for the first time without panicking and stalling. I bet I sound like a right idiot but well buzzed lol. I've only had 8 lessons with instructor. How long have you been driving if you don't mind me asking?
  11. Hi everyone, so I'm sort of happy I found this site because hopefully you can help me out a bit. I'm 17, I work full-time and don't live at my parents anymore (have my own flat, with my boyfriend). I don't do much other than work and sleep basically and I really want to start doing things that can keep me active and just kind of mix my life up a little. I'm not massively a sporty person but I love to cycle, adventure/explore,.. if you know what I mean. Anyone know anything that I can attend/become apart of? I need more than my computer screen in my life - lol. Thank you
  12. Hi, my partner has a full UK licence and he's with me at all times when I'm driving. My bad as I didn't mention above. We are both on the insurance
  13. This topic might be really boring - I don't know. I'm a learner driver at the minute. I have lessons with a driving instructor but i also have my own car and I drive it in my own time (going to work, shops etc). Anyone else learning to drive? Just bored at work, lol.. didn't even know this Sheffield Forum site existed ...
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