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  1. Hello, Could anyone share their impression of SEN provision in the mainstream schools (a particularly good one or bad one?), especially primary? And how are the special schools? Context: My family and I are thinking about moving to Sheffield. Our daughter - currently in a mainstream school - has learning and developmental disabilities. She has an EHCP, etc., already in place.
  2. Thanks to max and geared. I'm thinking of the areas between Fulwood Road and Abbeydale Road. I know that's still a huge area, but we haven't really narrowed down our search yet. We just wanted to rule out some areas if someone posted here that parking is impossible and we had better move without a car if we wanted to live in Sheffield (or something less extreme). Any impressions really welcome.
  3. Hello, I'm thinking of moving to Sheffield, probably in the western half. I see that many of the houses, especially the terraces, don't have their own, off-road parking. How easy is it to park near these properties? Are there parking restrictions? Are resident permits required, and how much do they cost? I understand that some of this is available on the Sheffield city website. I'm hoping for a local's point of view or impression about how much of a hassle, or not, the parking situation is. Thanks!
  4. Wow. Thanks for all of that Annie, and for taking the time to write it. It's really helpful.
  5. Cheers Cyclone. Would you recommend your part of S6 for commuting into Sheffield?
  6. Thanks geared for the recommendations. Those villages looks beautiful. I think we're looking to be closer in, in the city itself or its attached suburbs. Thanks amazon123. How easy is it to get into the centre from those outer suburbs - Beauchief, Bradway et al.? Do you have a favourite of the "trendier" or of the outer areas you mentioned?
  7. Thanks SgtDave, that just the kind of suggestion I was hoping for.
  8. Hello. We are moving to Sheffield (probably next year) from Cambridge for a job at the University of Sheffield. As with other posts, there are a bunch of questions and factors that play in to choosing the right part of town to move to. Here are our factors. Any suggestions of neighbourhoods or parts of the city and suburbs that would meet any of these factors are very welcome. We have family to the south in Chesterfield (and like them). We would like to commute to the University of Sheffield by bus, train, tram or bike - not car if possible. We're looking for 4+ beds, under £400k, without needing to renovate/remodel it. We have primary school age children (3). We're in our early 30s. One of our children has special needs, and so we're probably looking for a special school. We are Catholic, and so would like to be near to an active Catholic church. Probably like everyone, we really value parks and walks, preferably within walking distance. If you have a suggestion that covers any or all of these, I'd be happy for your thoughts. Also, feel free to link to somewhere else on the forum where you've already answered this!
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