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  1. thank you for taking the time to reply everyone. thank you amazon. are you able to say any of the less nice roads or the direction of them
  2. hit me with all the info on Woodseats! what's it like to live there? are the local parks nice? are the people friendly? are there some nice cafes/shops/pubs?
  3. thank you!! yes the house prices definately suggest a thing or too.!! seen a couple of nice houses in Woodseats
  4. thank you!! it does sound weird huh!! I'm assuming whoever buys it becomes the new flat owner.
  5. thanks, in this case though there is no management company and the freehold isn't known
  6. have been told that a flat has no freeholder available and that one of the owners of one of the flats manages the building with indemnity insurance in place. apparently its common. could anyone explain this and whether its a good thing and what to look out for. thanks
  7. thankyou! anyone know what cross pool or pitsmoor is like to live
  8. thanks guys! it Is scary but I have family between Rotherham and Doncaster so it will be much better for the little one. are there nice family friendly pubs about the s11 area? sorry lots of questions. really excited!!
  9. hi all! very excited to be moving to Sheffield. I'm from Yorkshire so glad to be coming home! but I don't know Sheffield well. Will be moving up with my husband and baby girl and looking for somewhere to live that's safe, characterful, friendly and lots going on in the community. we love walking everywhere. a couple of miles is nothing to get into the city. would like some little shops ie butchers within reach. Good schools. lots of green space around. looking at around 240k (2 or 3 bed preferably period build) and am now feeling like a flat would be an option to be able to live in one of the nicer areas. can anyone advise if there are any no go areas within s11?? is brincliffe way nice?? the flats seem to be huge and give us a good family living space compared to the houses I've seen........ or are we better off in Norton to get more for our money?? or will I wish we'd gone for s11?? hope this ramble makes sense!!
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