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  1. Sidney and Matilda is a new gallery on the corner of Sidney and Matilda Street- hence the name. We are about to open our 4th show called 'Over The influence' which reflects Sheffield's love of Street Art- the show opens on Thursday 18th April at 6pm and continues till 11th May (see details below) . I think its going to be a really interesting exhibition with the opportunity to buy original art works including more affordable prints and drawings. OVER THE INFLUENCE Curation – Al DAW / VINNIE NYLON ALEX AMERY + ROWDY + NORMAN ANDERSON + DAN CIMMERMANN JO PEEL + BENJAMIN MURPHY + EAT KATE MOSS + DAVID BRAY DSCREET + SNORV + LOUIS SLATER + SWEET TOOF + TOM J NEWELL + VINNIE NYLON + WORD TO MOTHER + SEBASTIAN SCHAGER + ALEX EKINS + JEFF KNOPF ELLANNAH SADKIN + MANISH HARIJAN + JIM MCELVANEY FEM SORCELL + NORRIS:RAPHAEL + TOM THOM + C215 + ULRICH BAUMSTULL + BEVAN RICHARDSON + MILA K ‘Over The Influence’ is the first part of a series of exhibitions at S+M which begin to examine the connections between drugs, the law and art making today; providing a showcase of progressive Street & Outsider Art from the fringes of society. Embracing an ethos of the genuine outsider, this show features the work of a wide range of contributors including, among others, a skateboarder, a tattoo artist, a former drug smuggler, an ex-fireman, graffiti writers, an anonymous artist, a calligrapher, a cancer survivor, a traveller and a wood worker. This work reflects the attitude of this group of edgy and progressive artists where the simple act of working, experimenting and risk taking forms the backbone to their constantly evolving output. Discarding the context of ‘high’ and ‘low’ art, of ‘inside’ or ‘outside’, these terms begin to become irrelevant with the boundary between illustration and fine art literally vibrating from pillar to post, and from wall to canvas, via stickers, stencils, found objects and materials. Given the inherent, authentic nature of this group’s output and the obvious abandonment of structure, they could be seen to be over the influence, rather than under it. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Show opens Thursday 18th April at 6pm- exhibition continues until May 11th. Gallery opening times: 12 noon – 6PM Wednesday to Saturday with late openings on Fridays until 8PM. Sidney + Matilda, Rivelin Works, 46B Sidney St , Sheffield , S1 4RH All Enquiries: Al Daw, +44 (0) 7467 383 387, Al.daw@sidneyandmatilda.com Facebook / Instagram: @sidneyandmatilda Twitter: @sidneyMatilda Site: sidneyandmatilda.com Hashtags: #OTSSHEFFIELD #sidneyandmatilda #overtheinfluence
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