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  1. It happens to varying degrees in different people; some 84 year old will still be quite coherent, others less so.
  2. There are other societies that are "awash" with guns but don't have anything like the gun crime the US does.
  3. Europe is geographically, agriculturally, technologically and culturally big enough to literally close itself to the entire world and sustain itself. We don't need the Americans and we don't need immigration from the developing world.
  4. Whilst I don't personally go for all the ott stuff around commemorating ww1/ww2, preferring a low key approach, I think that raising a simple flag on the cenotaph at Barkers Pool would be appropriate and not to much trouble.
  5. If it goes to China, western European countries should slap tariffs on the motors made by them coming into our market.
  6. These areas of Sheffield are now a cultural desert. The stagnation is palpable.
  7. Popular culture these days is aimed at the young. In previous eras virtually anyone who was anyone in the entertainment industry such as comedy, were, if not declared Tories, were moderately right wing politically, such as Kenny Everett and John Cleese. These contemporary panel show comedians may pretend to be lefties but you can bet they're all very tax "efficient" and secretly vote Tory.
  8. The public had never heard of CFC's until the television told them about it! People will only turn away from things if adequate alternatives are there.
  9. There was little that we the general public could feasibly do to not put CFC's into the atmosphere; it would be a big ask of people to boycott fridges for instance and the CFC's from hairsprays was negligible. The CFC issue was a matter for governments and manufacturers to deal with. And its no good putting the onus on the general public now; I was born into an infrastructure/ culture and economy built around the use of a car, it is an essential not a luxury, so telling me I should use it less, or not at al is a non starter.
  10. It also reminds all the average hard working taxpaying Americans, who disproportionally shoulder the burden of having to pay for it, that the policy is down to the Democrats.
  11. That's right, my mother has the ashes in a bag which is in a box at her home. We were discussing getting an urn but they're a bit pricey. I know for a fact that my dad would not want us spending a lot of money on an urn but I think I'm going to.
  12. It may seem that I have gone off on a bit of a tangent there, but I like to put things in a wider context, to point out the broader agendas that are often behind particular issues.
  13. No, an urn to put cremated ashes in. My dad wouldn't have wanted us to spend hundreds of pounds on an urn for his ashes, I'm sure. I feel inclined to get a fancy vase with a lid from somewhere, but then I'm not sure if it has to be completely airtight?
  14. Its not that I'm against all aspects of humanism as such, forget that, its just that the west is the, lets say, least worst, place on earth to live, and it was built on certain values and structures through institutions and traditions that reckless lefties seem to want to tear down. Anti west Corbyn and the like, that are idolised by silly lefty millennials, were totally taken in by Soviet and Chinese propaganda, omitting the harshness, the camps, the secret police and so on; would they have preferred to live under that? ...what was the thread about again? 😂
  15. Hype jobs always get found out. AJ is the Amir Khan of the heavy weight division. Being a pretty boy and a body builder isn't boxing.
  16. The "solution" to these issues is invariably restraint on our behaviour, in other words, to get us out of our cars, to stop flying and live Ghandi-like lifestyles. Really, these upper middle class people think that working people have it too good and are clogging up the roads and airports, they want to return to a golden age where only the privileged drove and flew. Emma Thompson took a high profile part in that Extinction Rebellion event, then the next day was spotted flying first class. Lame.
  17. Equipment manager for the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders.
  18. I agree with you here, I don't think Britain should conjoin with the US any more than we currently are, I don't like the US approach to many things. Btw, you do realise that "Obamacare" is a pejorative label placed on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act by its opponents, don't you?
  19. She is being absolutely trashed on social media; not, from what I've seen, in an aggressive, abusive way, more in a humorous way. Its quite funny actually.
  20. The society that you enjoy and thrive in wasn't built on humanism. It was built on the traditions, institutions and structures that the likes of you seem intent on tearing down.
  21. These "progressives" will support ANYTHING that is anti - bourgeois, anti - traditional, as they see it. Just like feminism, same sex marriage and pro mass immigration, etc. They latch on to all these issues purely as part of a globalist/humanist agenda.
  22. If I was in the middle of that It'd be dry slaps all round.
  23. Because the BBC establishment considered Griffin and his party beyond the pale, on the matter of the Question Time programme breaking the rules to lynch him there was a collective...*meh* from them. This is a slippery slope. Treating those that you fundamentally disagree with fairly is the only way to ensure that all are treated fairly .
  24. There are those that believe there should be no time limits for abortion, now, are they really saying that a nine month stage baby inside a woman is fair game for abortion, but seconds later when out/born it is not??
  25. No. If you're a regular viewer of the show you'll know that the host gives, or tries to give, equal time to all the panel members. When Nick Griffin was on they spent the first 40 minutes of the programme focusing on him, with host, Dimbleby, not even trying to hide his disdain for Griffin. The BBC clearly broke its own rules.
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