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  1. If I had a close family member die in a road traffic accident I definitely would not have a shrine to them on the spot where they died.
  2. Yeah but

    EU Election exit poll

    Why are Change UK called that? they want to remain in the EU and keep the status quo...they should be called The Same UK!
  3. Yes, the criminals tremble in their boots at the thought of crime reference numbers being created. The death penalty should be reintroduced and a points system put in place. Thefts of the type described in the OP would get you, say, 5 points, so get caught doing that type of thing 20 times, within a time period of, say, 5 years, and you're put to death.
  4. Yeah but

    Freedom of religion - no

    I hope that these trading restrictions on a Sunday remain in place, but not for religious reasons; a shorter day for those that work in retail is a blessed relief. Those that want to make Sunday a normal working day like any other are typically those that don't work on Sundays and they can shove off.
  5. Yeah but

    Understanding the universe.

    OK, but the point I was (struggling) to make is that the sight/image of the moon takes time to travel the distance from where it is to reach our eyes due to the distance. You could say this is time travel in a way and its mind blowing to me.
  6. Yeah but

    Understanding the universe.

    Oh, I've been misinformed then...doh!
  7. Yeah but

    Understanding the universe.

    It blows my mind to think that when you look at the moon you're not looking at it as it is in that moment in real time, you're looking at it from approx. 15 minutes ago due to the fact that it takes that amount of time for the light that emanates of it to reach our eyeballs from where it is.
  8. Yeah but

    British steel facing administration

    They should if what they produce is vital for the national interest; British infrastructure, tanks and warships etc should be built from British steel. I know we're moving away from steel to other more modern materials nowadays but my point stands.
  9. Yeah but

    Freedom of religion - no

    Couldn't they have just been told to stop doing it? sacking seems extreme.
  10. Minority communities had always recognised that they had a friend in the left, because the left wanted them here and helped keep the racists of their backs etc, but when it comes to social issues , certain immigrant communities and the left have always been strange bed fellows, but while ever the were a small minority it wasn't really a problem, but now, in places like Birmingham where they are quite a sizeable proportion of the population, as Jesse Phillips has now found out, it has become a problem. This was foreseen by sensible people that were not listened and now you reap what you sow.
  11. Try and fudge the issue all you want but the most vociferous opposition to this is in the schools that are predominantly Muslim. I stand with them on this as it happens; I'm just having fun watching the lefties get in a tangle over it.
  12. Certain parts of Sheffield will end up being be no go areas for delivery services thanks to these subhuman vermin.
  13. It is primarily the Muslim community that are against the LGBT rights education in schools the most. This was always going to be the case, Islam and LGBT rights don't exactly go together. Its going to be interesting to see how this all pans out.
  14. Haha, Jesse Phillips arguing the toss in the street with people from the Asian community about LGBT lessons in their schools. This is the reality of multiculturalism that the likes of Jesse Phillips always buried their heads in the sand about, well its biting them in the bum now isn't it? Mega lolz!
  15. If we can't trust our Chinese friends then...Hu a wei???

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