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    Who is England's best left back?

    I'd say Danny Rose is probably our best left back right now. I wouldn't really consider Delph a good left back, he's a versatile midfielder but I don't really rate him that highly. I'd actually play TAA or Trippier at LB before putting Delph in there.
  2. DannyXCII

    website companys

    Hi Craig, like others have mentioned here, building a web presence is a long process that requires not only dedication, but TIME. Building a website is great, but you need a plan as to how you will get the word out there about your new site. It's quite dependant on the line of work you are in as to which methods of advertising or promotion are the best. I'm a web developer, I work with small businesses and I'd be happy to help. It certainly won't cost a fortune (depending on your definition of a fortune) as others have stated - send me a message if you'd like and I can show you my website as well as some of my client work and have a chat about your requirements.
  3. DannyXCII

    FA rebrand to be less arrogant".

    I saw this the other day, ridiculous. Fact of the matter is that they are called the FA because they were THE original Football Association. The rebrand is to appear less arrogant like you said - to me it just speaks volumes about the politically correct society that we live in now.

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