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  1. Finally got Glyns phone Number
  2. still waiting for Glyn Hannan to ring me Hope you can Help Bob
  3. Yes they were good days down the Central. There no better place than the cliff in them days. Mike Greenwood was younger then me we played rugby together.
  4. I played rugby at Hartley Brook school with the names mentioned by Xenia I have not heard my nickname Bugsy Megson for 50 years I am 72 now and still going strong, must have been the jam sandwich's.
  5. I lived at 101 Manor circle Does anybody remember a woman call Pat Ellis (blond girl)
  6. I was from Baldwin street, Green Dragon pub top of the road, near the Non Pots working mans club. Went to Huntsman Gardens then Hartley Brook left 1963. Great days at the central Carol Watts taught us how to bop. Lived on Charles street when first married then moved to the Manor when they knocked down the houses.
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