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  1. Hi all, Trying to date a Sheffield-bought piano, supplied by the William Cole shop on Norfolk Street. The nameplate has a four digit phone number (1720) and telegram reference (WilCole). Am thinking is maybe 1950s, but would appreciate any thoughts or information, about the company or about when Sheffield used a four digit number. All the best, TRW
  2. Hi, Another interesting snippet: check out the pamphlet on the railways to the east of Sheffield here, http://www.kivetonwaleshistory.co.uk/#/publications , that can be downloaded for free as a PDF. It includes a couple of pages on Peace's bid for freedom, from a train at Kiveton. The courses look absolutely excellent: would there be any way of coming along for a single event or lecture? With a young child, I haven't really got the time or money to commit to a full ten-week course, although would love to in other circumstances.
  3. The Yorkshire Film Archive have got a great variety of Sheffield clips; although it's expensive to go and view them, they do occasional showings. They did one at the Showroom a few months ago and the guy who presented it was excellent, as were the clips. http://www.britishpathe.com is a fantastic resource too, with quite a lot of Sheffield. You can download low-res free of charge; most of the footage is 1920s-1960s.
  4. We're struggling to sell our apartment, which we bought a couple of years ago. We need to move so thought about letting the property, but the management company who look after the building have blocked us doing so. I can understand why they would want to block 'buy-to-let' buyers, but this wasn't written into the documents when we purchased the property, only a note saying that we would need to check with the management company if we were ever to choose to let it. Any thoughts, or are we stuck?
  5. I went about two years ago and the food was absolutely pathetic, cheap and poorly cooked. Went again about three months ago and it was great, and the service was top notch too. I guess it has changed management at some point, and my most recent experience was certainly positive.
  6. http://www.picturesheffield.com/cgi-bin/picturesheffield.pl?_cgifunction=form&_layout=picturesheffield&keyval=sheff.refno=u04225 There's other good ones on http://www.picturesheffield.com too.
  7. http://www.urbanjunkie.co.uk/section.php/4/1/toilet-seats ....... mmmmm!
  8. Cheers for the link. Can confirm they've got limited stock. They said the mark-up was because they have had to buy them at retail prices to boost stock.
  9. Just spoken to them: £229 + VAT for the basic pack. Seemed a bit steep.
  10. Have you got a link? I can't get the search function to work on their site.
  11. A bizarre comparison. To achieve academically, including to the point of constructing a successful doctoral thesis, demands a certain degree of intellect. Brown is undoubtedly shrewd and very clever indeed. He has proved himself to be an astute political actor and a canny powerhouse in the highest pinnacles of political power for the last ten years. However, and to a cringeworthy degree, he lacks the ability to hold himself in public or to cast a postive and convincing image of himself or what he stands for. Don't get me wrong, I've seen him speak and in a comfortable context, rally or conference, he is an excellent speaker. Ask him to perform in front of cameras, shake hands with a football team, appear on a TV chatshow or similar and he just comes across like a bumbling and false idiot - which he most definitely isn't.
  12. It was -5 last night according to my car temp gauge, driving about the countryside up towards the Peaks behind Totley. My battery had been drained so I needed to get it charged up. Only a stupid pillock like me would have driven around the most ill-lit, icy, no-mobile-phone-covered and desolate country lanes in Sheffield in a car likely to break down again!!!!
  13. Sheffield was the last city in Britain to have old-style trams (last one ran in 1960).
  14. Meadowhead Morrisons have sold out. Gamestation is Rotherham was a tortuous experience and we walked out without a Wii - don't ask! You have to buy a bundle for £300, with two games from a short-list (but mostly sold out) and any 2 others.
  15. I think it's a great addition and not a waste of money at all if it has a positive contribution to the city's economy, not to mention the other benefits. Does anybody know if smoke comes from it ........ it certainly seemed to the other night.
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