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  1. Paranoia the destroyer,, tie yourself to the mast my friend and the storm will end
  2. Freedom and personal preferences are always very complicated but the genuine conversation with the truth and genuine honest conversation with your fears and possibly the best way to get the things off your mind is not a bad thing!!!!& is the worst way if not expressed in the way that you are not going to be offensive or not offended by your understanding that I you or others are not interested or maybe not offended by the way people who genuinely want to say that it’s not right not normal or whatever but you cannot say be this way be that way unfollow and live and let live a little bit of compatriot compassion and chin up your thoughts and ya know ya are maybe not offended but just laugh at me and disagree on it all right bro I’m not gay or maybe it’ll change in the future lol hahahahaha jokes aside I wanna have you loosened your anger and your anger in the way you are not gonna be opposed and disrespected you and others similar just need a communication and a genuine listen and speaking to you and your obviously not offended by offending others but hahahahaha please sir I wanna have you confidence to at least try buddy for the record cord for whatever reason I wanna say that I’m in remission from throat cancer and I spent over four months in the hospital and I’m very very sorry to say ya blame it all in the way you feel better but my nightshift nurse was bi sexual and genuine guy athletic and sincere and kindest fellow very professional who I became friends with i was really sad and sorry for him to be honest I would rather have the cancer again than go be in his shoes and I cannot say in respectful terms my disappointment with his parents not to mention the things he’s suffered from homaphobics physicaly and emotional abuse disgusting and unfortunately very common sense and sensibility and not the suffering of a person who is saving lives 💎💎🙏🙏🤝🤝🧠🧠🥳🥳🥳ok sorry you’re gonna be happy I’m done so back back to my little party and I wish you well pal merry happy and very alive
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