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  1. I have rang the council they wont help, does anyone know anyone who could come and have a look and possibly fit a battery if that is the problem? thank you for all replies. ---------- Post added 25-03-2013 at 16:47 ---------- I and my grandad would have no idea how to fit one he has one leg so cant do much anyway If someone could come and look and fit one that would be amazing, do you know of anyone? Thank you. ---------- Post added 25-03-2013 at 16:50 ---------- ahh do you know how they fitted the battery? Thank you.
  2. Good afternoon forumers. I have a query, my grandad has a starlift and unfortunatley there is something wrong with it. It was fitted by the council but he has been told by the stairlift company (Stannah?) that his warranty is up ... they want a £135 call out fee for half an hour to assess the stairlift and then money for parts, my grandad cannot afford this. does anyone know anything about stairlifts who could come and assess the lift? he has one leg and cannot get upstairs for bed or bathroom needs. the stairlift is working but is very slow and sometimes stops half way up ? if anyone can help please message me. Thank you Sara
  3. I need a mini bus on Saturday the 14th of July 10-12 Seater. Pick up from Connisbrough - Doncaster at around 6:30pm Drop off in Sheffield. Pick back up from Sheffield around 2:30 - 3:00 am ? Drop back in Connisbrough Thankyou Sara
  4. Where is the cheapest place in sheffield to have my own balloons filled with helium ? Thank you.
  5. Does anyone know of somewhere or someone in sheffield who customizes clothing ... I am looking for someone to make me a pair of high waisted shorts similar to these ? http://www.bitchingandjunkfood.com/womens/designer/remade-by-bitchingandjunkfood/remade-spike-cross-short/prod_1242.html I do not have a pair of shorts but if someone/somewhere could customize a pair like this I would find a pair beforehand Thank you Sara
  6. That is a very good idea where do you usually shop ? x
  7. Hi everyone, going through a bit of a rough time at the minute at home and money is tight anyone have any ideas of recipes they use to feed around 4 people we are trying to make cuts anywhere possible Thank you so much and please no sarcy comments think they would tip me over the edge lol
  8. Completely shattered my screen on my iphone Does anyone know somewhere I can get this repaired/fixed that wont be the ridiculous prices apple charge ? Thankyou all Sara xxx
  9. In desperate need of a new tyre on my Vaxuhall looking for someone to supply me a tyre (new) and fit it for me. as cheap as possible Thank you
  10. No thank you for your offers but I have now sourced one xxx
  11. Sorry I have now found one Damo did me a google search and I found one straight away Thanks ! NOT
  12. And btw it would be arm work typing a google search ! And also while your wasting time you could have found me one !
  13. I've been there I was wanting one to buy from someone on here ?
  14. Actually for your information I have been to 6 fancy dress shops today and there is nothing if you are not going to be helpful then keep your nose out nobody asked you to do a search for me I'm capable of finding them because I have already been !
  15. All themes considered size medium - large Thank u
  16. I am looking for a venue for my 21st Birthday party next year in July I would like 100-150 guests and be able to supply my own disco/karaoke and food - prices on disco would be appreciated too I like all r and b dance chart music and preferably a large collection of karaoke songs also i would like children to be able to attend Thank you
  17. My friend was doing me a pedicure monday and is now busy just looking for a good priced beautician who can come to my house on monday if possible
  18. My sister has just come home with a letter explaining: the school ha been made aware of several incidents in the local area involving serious threats made to children ! My sister seems to think it involves a man in a car ? Does anyone else know anything about this bit worried dont want her playing out now ... Thanks x
  19. Car due for mot in march need to book one for 10th Any good reputable ones please Sara
  20. Can i come next week ? - Sara cheesman Tonight I am going to see peter kay ? ALSO when is the final ? Thanks
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