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  1. Good idea, but Spock needed it on an away mission... also, he says he's only interested in three-dimensional chess, so recording our games would have been illogical! He's far too logical for his own good. Having said that, he will play normal "Earth" chess from time to time, but no one aboard the Enterprise can beat him! I thank you for the games we played DeZeus! Spock says 'live long and prosper' Kirk out.
  2. Hi there DeZeus... I have hailed you a 'PM' from my communicator...
  3. Will do, maybe a few games would be good... I will PM you on Monday then Cheers!
  4. Does anyone out there have a garage I could use for parking my vehicle? I have 1 car and would pay rent if the rate is reasonable. Sheffield 8 area if poss. Thank you!
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