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  1. No age restrictions! The "secret" film chosen is suitable to any age.
  2. Its an immersive cinema, so you meet at a location and get taken to the "secret" venue by the actors. The actors will act out scenes and you will feel apart of the film. Throughout the film, actors and dancers will act out scenes and get you involved in the action. This event is in partnership with Weston Park Cancer Charity! You will be given memorabilia which relates to the film as you enter the venue and have opportunities to play games and enter a raffle!
  3. Secret Cinema is coming to Sheffield! Never seen before until now. Secret Film, Secret Location, A Hidden Event. Running on Saturday 30th of March. Be immersed with the live action, feel part of the film. https://events.ticketsforgood.co.uk/events/1017-immersive-cinematic-experience-by-hidden-events?fbclid=IwAR08RqRH2KtgUwchZo2m2ONa5J0wmJeei4M4q7-fL9t4T_j8rzfZipRb2DM Tickets can be bought from this link!
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