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  1. On 22/10/2012 at 21:33, hauxwell said:

    does anyone know Henry Casson who use to work at Brown Bayleys. I was told that he died in some sort of accident when he was working there. Use to be friends with him. I am just trying to find out if there is any truth in this.

    I was told it happened in the 70's.

    i worked there on the day it happened the accident, after the body was removed, everyone was sent home


    trying to locate a past friend who worked at brown bayleys in furnace dept, his name is Mick Saynor. anyone know him?

  2. On ‎15‎/‎09‎/‎2018 at 16:20, glennpickard said:

    Hello Christine:


    I do remember you and the play but not a lot of detail, but I do remember the Star clipping. We should all have gone to Hollywood ! I'm sorry I guessed at the wrong Christine, that was such a popular girls name then

    I remember you being in the same yard as Ann and Nancy Wright, and many others on Bodmin St, like Geoff Cooper, Paul Howe, Joe O'brien, Josie Parkin, Albert Ensman, and then myself, Roger Hole, Edwina Hill and Dennis Green were at the Britnall St end. Most of these people went to HB. Do you remember Mike Ashworth from Bodmin St ? I saw him and his wife, Sandra Stevens, two years ago at a reunion at the Liberal Club, as well as Pat Pickering and Jane McCormick, both HB. They usually hold the reunion in November, for Attercliffe and Brightside people but anyone from around the area.


    Were you in the year behind me or two years behind ? The old school held great memories for me, although I wasn't the best behaved pupil, Pop Allen caned me twice and I got four each time. Can 't remember what it was for now, but I am sure I deserved it.

    So what happened to Nancy? I know she married Paul Francis from Francis St. Where was Tony Hampton from ?


    You can get me on my email glennepickard@hotmail.com and then we can exchange stories. I was in Sheffield last month, did a tour of the 'Cliff and there are some new (10-12 years old )houses built where Bodmin and Britnall St. used to be

    glen. ive just joined this forum site, and read that you asked the question what happened to Nancy Wright, ,,,, I married her sister Ann, and Nancy lives in chapeltown

  3. On ‎14‎/‎09‎/‎2018 at 17:57, Christine xx said:

    Christine Almond... I lived on Bodmin Street next door to Nancy Wright who fancied the pants off you. Mr Inman was my form teacher for last year at Hartley Brooke. Brilliant man. The play ran for 3 nights and earned a small mention in the Star. Listing all characters and actors. .still got the clipping. .... do you remember ' Tosh ' Hampton , Tony ? He died long time ago... that came as quite a shock as did Terry Morgan. Yes he moved to Tinsley as someone else mentioned. We used to see him and his wife in the club and pubs.

    Christine just to let you know , I married Nancy's sister,,, Ann

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