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  1. i went to sharrow lane school with delyse in the 1940s and more recently my wife used her models for her fashion shows denis
  2. hi darrell your name doesn't ring a bell you were probably in a class below me ?
  3. I can beat you by one year 83 look forward to seeing you at the reunion denis anson
  4. hi darrel did you get my message regarding the people we were at school with together look forward to seeing you on the 26th denis anson
  5. i enjoy going to the school cafe which was my old school during the 1940s perhaps we could arrange to meet up there and talk about old times denis anson previously of fentonville sreet
  6. hi darrel i also missed this reunion iwas in the same class as all the names you mention denis anson
  7. i worked for dan in the 1950s apart from 2yrs national service and after which i saw a decline in the motor cycle industry
  8. anyone there who like me was playing in endcliffe park when the plane crashed in1944 like tony i was 8yrs old
  9. my name is denis and went to the locarno in the 60s and fancied myself as a bit of a bopper
  10. we had a methane gas lamp outside our house on fentonville street where i was brought up in the 1940s
  11. i was an 8yr old playing in the park when the plane crashed
  12. i passed this shelter when bodies were being removed
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