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  1. it seems that it can only be 'validly served' within 14 days of taking out cover? i also just noticed that they only charge me 5£ every six months as opposed to 30£ p.a. is it worth notifying them of this so that when it comes to sell (i want to sell within 6 months) i wont have problems or just leave it? also where do they get their fee structure from ? i.e 45£ for annual insurance charge. This is not an amount written on the lease?
  2. can annual insurance approval charge for 5apr-4apr 2020 be challenged ? or only 14 days after taking out insurance. Also who is their approved insurer?
  3. can anyone recommend someone that does gas safety certs in the S2 area?
  4. We are going through the legals of purchasing a leasehold property in sheffield The freehold is owned by coppen estates - 160 years left , £30 a yr ground rent We are informed by the vendor that he has not received any bills for the ground rent in the time he has owned it. In order to add value we would like to purchase the freehold after purchasing the leasehold i.e after completing the purchase. Apparently we would have to own it for 2 yrs? what steps can we take / ask the seller to take to ensure that we will not have to wait the 2 years? does anyone that has done this have any idea of the costs involved ? i.e legal costs/ costs to purchase? and a recommended solicitor that has dealt with them ? thanks
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