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  1. Sorry forgot to leave the website, it's https://independentmortgageexperts.co.uk/
  2. Like any other service I would always recommend comparing three different mortgage advisors before choosing one. Even if you have a recommendation from a friend or relative, still have a consultation and compare them with two others. Also follow the tips from the money advice service for choosing an adviser here: https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/en/articles/choosing-a-mortgage-shop-around-or-get-advice I did all the above to find esther at independent mortgage experts and she did a brilliant job when our previous lender suddenly decided they weren't interested in helping when we wanted to move. Esther turned a desperate situation into massive relief when she found us a mortgage with a high street lender way cheaper than we expected to get. Our fixed rate is due to end next year and we'll be contacting esther to get another fix deal.
  3. I would also recommend adam or vash at birley chiropractic. They've got a good video on their site showing a deep tissue massage if that helps. Really reasonably priced too 🙂 Video is on this page https://birleychiropractic.co.uk/service/sports-massage-sheffield/
  4. Best way is by recommendation - do you know someone who already has a wordpress site? Ask them, or if you have an accountant ask him/her - they often have freelancers and designers on their books.
  5. I can't believe that - ridiculous. Why build a path and road underpass with walkway to the main crystal peaks shopping centre then? They're just playing into the hands of the big online players like amazon. Are there any signs warning of penalties for leaving the site on foot?
  6. Like others have said, go to trading standards and gather evidence. I once bought a used car that ended up not even having a catalytic converter installed which created loads of problems. Luckily I took the car straight to a main dealer for a service who documented all the issues for me which was passed to trading standards. I went back to the dealer with all my evidence and said it was not fit for purpose. They agreed to fix everything at their cost. Personally I would never buy a used car from anywhere other than a main franchise dealership now. Just too risky unfortunately.
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