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  1. Good luck with everything. Just to say that asbestos is fine so long as it is left alone. Start to move it or break it up etc then it is dangerous.
  2. Fair point but it needs to be done sooner.
  3. Thank you Mr Shaw. Unfortunately I have not owned the property for the requisite length of time but will be in touch with you in a year or so in order to purchase the Freehold reversion.
  4. Yes I appreciate that sentiment. The only reason I would bother in this instance would be if someone - either the Landlord next door or the Freeholder - saw the works starting then they might try and stop it. Yes pretty low probability of that happening... But yeah fair point it probably isn't worth bothering. I would bother if it was a residential house next door.
  5. Looking to build a small extension to the current kitchen extension on the back of a terrace. Student house. Next door is a student house too. Had it confirmed that PP not required, comes under Permitted Development If I write to the Leaseholder of next door and to Coppen (Freeholder) I would expect, especially from the latter, for probably no response within the time period, meaning that we have to draw up a full agreement get surveyor(s) etc., and they'd look to charge both houses a ludicrous permission Fee. So tempted not to bother in the first place, it's only a knackered old wall between back yards, take loads of photos to show nothing untoward has happened to their wall, and just get on with it. What would you do...?
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