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  1. Just curious to get opinions of building, management and condition as considering buying there. Cheers!
  2. Hey thanks for the input. Can I ask what you mean about the city centre plan? I do know for a face there are two fairly large blocks of apartments going up in the area I highlighted - I'm particularly looking at Jet centro. Cheers!
  3. Fair point, reason I'm asking is since I'm looking to buy I'd like to be in a 'desirable' area. So just trying to gauge what people think of the location in general.
  4. Basically this area: https://imgur.com/id0XG9P , I'm interested in a couple places in the shaded bit. I've been living in Crookes for a few months and finding it a bit fair out really. So I have been to do the area, my main concern was the lack of stuff directly in the neighbourhood, as in Kelham there are a number of puts but here (shaded bit), most stuff is like 15 min walk.
  5. Hey, just wanted to get peoples opinions of living in the cultural industries quarter as I'm thinking of buying a flat around there. I'm a young professional so just looking to be fairly central, also considering Kelham Island sort of area, somewhat undecided between these two! Would be great to have peoples thoughts on this area, how ease of access to things compares etc. Cheers!
  6. Hey, apologies if this is the wrong forum but just wanted to ask about people's experience of living in cornish Square as I'm considering buying there to live. Main concerns were : how is the immediate surrounding area in general? How is the noise from the road just outside? I noticed that the properties there had lost a lot of value since purchase, is there a reason for this? Any advice /experiences would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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