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  1. Hi, Several years later I see this thread whilst research Gordon’s story for my son. So, Harry Nornable was my Grandfather, his wife Edith Ward my Grandmother. They had 2 children, one my mother and Jane the QA nurse and senior matron at the Hallamshire. Jane has no children and sadly passed away a few years ago. They did all indeed live in Bromwhich Road, 13 and 14. I’m not sure if Gordon lived on the same road. Gordon was my grandfathers cousin. Gordon moved to his father’s home on Little Norton Lane, to care for him in his old age and remained there until he passed away. Gordon was never married and did not have any children. Both he and my Grandpa regularly went to the Abbey. Gordon was mad keen on Cricket, the whole family were! Marcien, Gordon spoke of your father and his visits to you. Gordon was indeed a hero of WW2 - highly decorated and many stories told. Especially to other military members of the family! Nornable is certainly an an unusual surname. In fact Gordon traces it all the way back to 1066, when our ancestors arrived here with William the concurer. The name was then ‘De Normanville’ , it has evolved over the years into Nornable. Hope that clears up a Few questions. X
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