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  1. Hi I am the late (Capt'n ) PHILLIPS HMRoyalNavy Joseph Oscar PHILLIPS Retired Wind rush Generation. Son, My Dad built the Boat/Barge Named Hunter 77 Plus A speed boat I am Mr MjP Independent Volunteer Consultant Pri' PARENT GOV' @ GOV.UK I was born in 1969 Sylvia was my English mom, I was taken from my West Indian Jamaican born dad in 1972 & mine were taken from Me in 2013. Age's 3mth, 11yr & 12yrs of age. I have Full CO&PR He were not allowed to see Me until I became 18yrs old he died when I was 14yrs & I'm not allowed to see, speak or love my own Children born here at our Family home until they get to 18yrs old. NIETHER OF US DID WRONG HE WAS & I AM The wrong shade of Brown to be treated British & Male. Says it all I think Broken Dreams Killed By The welcoming needy still goes for My dad, me & his nowmissing 5yrs grandchildren Wonder what My Dad would say today? We both share a common breach of our human rights as both child products of & workers for free for HRH Empire Yet both, we had our own taken to work for Free for the Common wealth. All I want is to share with mine That what me & mine did not have Time together sharing pure love Thanks For remembering my Dad.
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