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  1. https://sheffnews.com/news/statement-on-our-chief-executive-committee-begins-work/ looks to me like Kate is not resigning and will force the councillors to make a decision on her future, with all potential legal claims that could flow. Someone at that level should do the honourable thing and resign- but why should we expect honour I guess after she’s shown her colours already?
  2. Denial based on technicalities. She did not attend any reception at No 10. (She just hosted one of her own at the cabinet office, which is a linked building next door.)
  3. Yeah but we weren’t all Director General of the chuffin Covid Task Force!!!
  4. https://democracy.sheffield.gov.uk/ielogon.aspx?lp=1&RPID=6709259&HPID=6709259&Forms=1 can create a petition here I think and trigger a debate in Full council - a good way of showing how angry people are
  5. I get the part about people in glass houses - but other people were fined or prevented from seeing loved ones as they lay in hospital beds. It’s also a pattern of deceit with BoJo and seemingly thinking they are above the rules than gets me. People that tested daily and spent the day working in an office together then having a drink together at the end of the day isn’t of itself the issue - it’s the hypocrisy. Boris was asked at the time what someone should do if they witnessed a gathering outside and he said call the police! Very interesting (to me at least!!). Thank you
  6. I’m not on twitter and I don’t know any Star reporters but I would like to know (or someone to ask) whether the new Chief Executive of sheffield city council attended the party at no. 10 for civil servants during lockdown. Kate Joseph’s joined SCC from a very senior role in the Cabinet office in early 2021. If she did attend, I think that should be made public as it would be a huge error of judgement. I know the star reporters read this forum and I understand Ms Josephs is very responsive to people on Twitter. Can anyone help us find out? If she didn’t, she should have no problem saying so.
  7. Owned by the council. They bought it off Homes England some years ago. It’s a future housing site
  8. Joker, I know this won’t in any way change your opinions (which you are entitled to) but - for the record - the deal that led to the airport being sold for £1 was made by the Sheffield Development Corporation, not the Council. When the Development Corporation was wound up, its contracts and obligations passed to the council. The deal struck by the development corporation said that if the private developer could not make it work as an airport after, I think 10 years, they were legally entitled to buy the land for £1. That was the deal struck at the time - a pretty terrible one for sure - but it wasn’t the Council, for what it’s worth: they inherited the contract and were legally obliged to sell it for £1. Changes nothing, but the inaccuracy and urban myth about sheffield city airport needs correcting. as for the rest,,,, you might be right!!
  9. It’s all about the modelling. Including the ring road means more vehicles have to make smaller changes to reach the legal limit. If the ring road was not included a far smaller number of vehicles (only those that need to go in past the ring road) would need to make a much, much bigger change to amount to the same reduction. It simply does not work to get down to the legal threshold, hence why the ring road is in.
  10. I don’t post regularly but when I have, I have often defended the Council against some of the more irrational bashing, however this issue needs a lot more investigation from our esteemed local media and campaigners. Changes in fleet and the impact of covid on working patterns showed that a category A CAZ would have met the legal thresholds - but after years of political incompetence and mismanagement, SCC has been stung by the Government’s stipulation that the CAZ should be implement in the “shortest possible time”. The data supports a far less stringent CAZ (category A) but they’ve kicked the can down the road so long they have run out of time to implement it and instead have to stick to the previously consulted upon scheme (category C) as this will take less time to implement. This has massive implications for taxis and van driving business owners and was all avoidable. there needs to be some major public scrutiny on this issue. It’s a disgrace. I don’t expect people to just take my word for it. I hope however people and press will investigate. There’s a massive story here. We could have had a Category A caz and have ended up with a cat C and businesses will fold as a result thanks to Julie Dore, Bob Johnson and Terry Fox.
  11. Sheffield city centre has its issues for sure but my god, people that moan about it need to get out and travel more. There’s a lot of good stuff too. Try going to lots of other UK cities - you can’t park for free, retail is struggling, there’s lots of student accommodation… I always think better of Sheffield when I come back from somewhere else!
  12. Retired disgruntled former employee seeks to settle old scores, whilst providing no proof, leaks to the press with anonymous people agreeing it ‘might’ be true. Oh yes, let’s all jump to conclusions. Excellent
  13. I don’t think it’s that small, but I may be wrong.
  14. New park coming as part of Heart of the City 2. Damn Council.
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