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  1. On ‎25‎/‎05‎/‎2014 at 16:39, scousemouse said:

    Jean and Janice Hearnshaw went to this school, Jean married David Tompkins. anyone remember them?

    Jean was a girlfriend of mine before David and he was an inside forward to my left half in the first X1. Nice to hear they got wed, another EGS romance just like the McEwens who married various alumni, including my sister Veronica Iverson.

  2. How about this for some recollections. Mr Clay taught English and was known as 'Rimp' and his wife taught Classics. What! Classics at Ecclesfield Academy? They must mean Lennon and McCartney numbers rather than Greeks and Romans BC. Miss Cross taught French and was known as 'Gimmer'. This is a female sheep who has not been seen to by a ram.  In this age of political correctness no doubt any pupil referring to her as such would soon be sent to the head's office for a stroke of the cane, or perhaps not !

  3. Thanks to AngieB. Elizabeth Gale was in my class and we were very close friends as she was a superb singer and me a modest pianist ! The head at the time was Mr Jennings who as a good intellectual socialist was a great opera fan and supporter of Elizabeth. Just another example of the appeal of EGS. She was no brainbox, so what ?

  4. Our former Grammar school used to be in the old West Riding but now has a Sheffield post code. Recent OFSTED reports seem to imply it is now a sink school. A great shame as it was once a place where all the students could find an alternative future to the pit or the IZAL factory and your post code [not yet invented] was meaningless as the only measure was ability and parental ambition. This was not all academic. We had footballers, runners, tennis players, operatic singers, writers, musicians and actors who were  equally valued. How did they do and where are they now?  Those still around and on the internet could start a debate !

    Paul Iverson EGS 1959 - 1966

  5. I can go back a long way as I left Burncross school in 1959 and was one of the lucky ones who went to Ecclesfield GS. I think the head was called Miss Spittlehouse and the only male teacher Mr Mycock ! He was a better pianist than football coach, although I still got my football colours at Ecclesfield. I have photo of us holding the Carolis [?] cup for winning at rounders. Who we beat to win it I can't recall. Several former Burncross pupils did very well at Ecclesfield and were far more academically capable than me. Are any of you still around ? Paul Iverson

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