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  1. Karl says he can't remember taking you to the boat but his dad did have oneto visit . He was friends with John and he said they scored too many goals so karl was put in the goal area after that.
  2. Yes you have the right person. Did you go to to BGS?
  3. Hi. My husband karl crofts went to BGS early 1970's he was on the football team and wondered if any one can remember John creswick?
  4. I remember him when visiting my grandparents they lived a few doors away.
  5. I am selling a lovely lilac bridesmaid dress size 8 .only selling as doesn't fit and can't send it back. Wanting £20 for it.
  6. I also would be interested also.
  7. Bottom of Derbyshire lane there is a bus stuck, it's shut off by police this was at 8:45. Warminster road isn't good at all. Norton lees road is bad too.
  8. Hi I was looking through the forum adds and saw you did Ferret boarding,how much is it for a week for 2?
  9. My mum lived there a couple of year ago and we found it very nice.
  10. Does anyone know which bus goes on middlewood road and where it stops in town?
  11. Congratulations and you all work so hard and change the lives of so many animals.
  12. Hi,Rain Rescue charity shop on the Arborthorn had some in last week.
  13. What a awful experience for you and how kind of you to take it to the vets and not just leave it by the road side.
  14. I remember him when you first brought him home and from that day onward you and Durham had a very special bond.I remember him just sitting and looking at you and you could see the love in his eyes.R.I.P Durham.Hugs Moonbird xxx
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